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 The Military of Isis Rakael

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Isis Rakael

Isis Rakael

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The Military of Isis Rakael Empty
PostSubject: The Military of Isis Rakael   The Military of Isis Rakael EmptySun Sep 05, 2010 12:43 pm

(Updated 12/26/2010)

IRAF - Isis Rakael Air Force (4,050,943)
IRA - Isis Rakael Army (12,065,420)
IRN - Isis Rakael Navy (3,121,760)
IRNEC - Isis Rakael Nuclear Engineer Corp (59,139) [further information currently restricted]

Commander-In-Chief: President Jiri Iroh
Vice Commander-In-Chief: Vice President Martin Kennison

Commander of the IRA: General John Kostyk, IRSC
Commander of the IRAF: General Gregers Larsen, IRSC
Commander of the IRN: Admiral Jana Sokolic, IRSC
Commander of the IRNEC: General Nathalie Eriksson, IRSC

Military Age: 16 years of age
Conscription: 24 months
Active Personnel: 19,397,262
Reserve Personnel: [Classified]

Budget: $11.9 Trillion
Percent of GDP: 38%

The Military of Isis Rakael IRuserbar
"Christ died on the cross FOR our sins, was buried, and rose again the third day."
Leader: President Jiri Iroh
Capital: Illien

"•70 minutes ago: Following new legislation in Isis Rakael, billions of Platinum Niflmarkes are being blown on orbital weapons development."
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The Military of Isis Rakael
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