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 Terrorist captured!

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Terrorist captured! Empty
PostSubject: Terrorist captured!   Terrorist captured! EmptySun Sep 05, 2010 1:26 pm

NNN: NX News Network

Bobby Redturn: Special Report: Attack on the Government
Earlier this morning, authorities captured a terrorist within the nation of NX401. After doing some investigation, authorities learned that someone contracted him to take out all three Chancellors within the NX Council. The Senate Representative, since the Chancellors are now at undisclosed locations, had made a statement to the senate and the nation that said that 'we will deal with this peacefully'. As local politics lead on..zzzt

The Representative of the council , Nathan Derab, turned off the TV he started to pick up the phone to make a phone call. the phone call was directed to the General of the Republican Legion. "We have put on the show the public wanted to know, now, i am transferring the prisoner to a military base in Absolve to wear we can torture him until we get some answers, understand?"
The General thought about it for a moment and said " if we can fool the people once, we can fool the people again"
The Representative agreed and called in the council via phone of an emergency meeting of war once the information was extracted from the hit-man.

On the road..

The Transport that the prisoner was in was heavily guarded by one sea hawk helicopter, two 'doubleshot' RX-6 Humvees, and a transport truck. As they arrived at the base, the Transport truck stopped and two Republican Legion Sgt's took the prisoner to the base in chains. They threw him in a container in which people can conduct the questioning outside while the torture, if he doesn't talk, will happen on the inside.

After hours of questioning and a little torture, the hit man cracked and said that it was one of the neighbor nations within the landmass that is known as Tiberiam, but nothing more. The Captain that was conducting the torture thought for a moment and said "only a matter of time, a matter of time before we go to war."

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East Germanias

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Terrorist captured! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Terrorist captured!   Terrorist captured! EmptySun Sep 05, 2010 1:43 pm

the germanian senate was glad to hear that this despicable terrorist had been captured but were confused on why he wished to assasinate the chancellors and agreed that this called for a special solution.they wrote a letter to nx401.

from:east germanias

we are glad to hear that you have captured this terrorist but in order for no one else to do this we would like the chancellors of tiberiam to let us dispatch sector 9 operatives to the various nations around
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Terrorist captured!
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