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 Abbaton Border Control Policy

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PostSubject: Abbaton Border Control Policy   Abbaton Border Control Policy EmptyTue Sep 07, 2010 7:12 pm

Abbaton applies strict checks on people entering or exiting the country and traveling between cities. These checks are co-ordinated by National Security Forces, and subject to harsh punishments for any infractions. The details of border controls, surveillance, and the conditions under which permission to enter into territories under Abbaton control may be granted are exhaustively detailed in the Law of Travel[Enclosure F]. All persons crossing external and internal borders(inbound or outbound) are subject to extremely, intrusive belonging checks and identity verifications. The entitlement of travellers to enter Abbaton is also thoroughly checked. Exit controls allow, among other things, to determine if a person leaving the area was entitled to enter the area in the first place, whether that person had extended his or her stay beyond the permitted period, and to check against alerts on persons and reports in national data files. For example when an arrest warrant had been issued by a competent authority.
The external border controls are located at roads crossing a border, airports, and onboard trains. There are always security fences along the various borders manned by National Security Force personnel. Surveillance camera systems(equipped with infrared technology) are located at critical spots, for example at the border between Abbaton and Rasividi.[41] Along the northern river separating Abbaton and Serilaq, PT boats make a substantial effort to prevent private boats from gaining entrance to Abbatonian lands.
Violations of Abbaton's borders and travel restrictions are subject to swift and unusually harsh punishment. Public executions are not unheard of although imprisonment is more likely.
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Abbaton Border Control Policy
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