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 Database Rules

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Database Rules Empty
PostSubject: Database Rules   Database Rules EmptySat Sep 11, 2010 11:13 pm

1. All nations with a database must be on the map. Nations that are currently occupied by a foreign country are exempt from this.
2. Nations need to have been forum members for at least 48 hours to ensure they will be active in the future.
3. Databases will be deleted if the user is inactive for more then a month, unless notice has been given that they will be absent for longer (IE vacation, moving, etc).
4. Currently, users can post in eachother's databases. If this results in abuse, then this privilege will be suspended and only the nation of the sub-forum will be able to post in it.
5. All applications go in the applications thread.
6. For economic statistics, divide everything by 10 (including population), except for GDP per capita, unemployment rate, tax rate, and exchange rate.

Database Rules Rasvidicoatofarmssig
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Database Rules
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