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 Declaration of Donkholme

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PostSubject: Declaration of Donkholme   Declaration of Donkholme EmptyTue Sep 21, 2010 6:34 pm

Declaration of Sovereignty & Extension of Relations
Dr. Pauley Holland, Director of Foreign Relations
The Unified Sectors of Donkholme

Hear ye, all whom this may reach. Greetings from temperate Donkholme.
Hear ye, all whom this may reach. We are a sovereign nation, unified under a Parliamentary Monarch, who wishes to make public the declaration of our existence and borders. We announce that we have been observatory of relations within our scope of detection. We have observed commerce from the far North, and far East of this continent.
We announce the existence of our people as far north as the River, where the town of Hoperock exists. We exist as far south as the Sea, with our capital of Orbis, and as far east as the Isle of Three coves and the village of El Nath.

We announce our intentions to institute trade with foreign nations dependent upon the admission of our delegates into any international forum established.

We announce our intentions to release more information forthcoming in the future about our nation and government.
Enclosed with this message are the coordinates of our Public Embassy, where we hope to receive requests and begin compiling information and answers about our nation.

(OOC: This is what I've come up with to introduce myself into the international world. I know I've "been here" for a while.)
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PostSubject: Re: Declaration of Donkholme   Declaration of Donkholme EmptyWed Sep 22, 2010 9:22 pm

Rasvidi welcomes the establishment of Donkholme and it's introduction to the world stage. We are eager and willing to establish positive diplomacy and trade with your nation, as well as educate ourselves on your policies and attitudes. We hope that your monarch is free from the evils of religious influence, and if they are not, then at least rules justly and without allowing their religious convictions to interfere with politics.

We hope that your government and ministry of commerce (or your nation's closest analogy) investigates the Rasvidi Trade Catalogue for resources and products available for purchase from Rasvidi. We will be more then willing to accommodate your trade requests.

Declaration of Donkholme Rasvidicoatofarmssig
The United People's Republics of Rasvidi
Chairman Väinö Nakashidze
National Anthem
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Declaration of Donkholme
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