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 Saamic Alphabet

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PostSubject: Saamic Alphabet   Saamic Alphabet EmptyThu Sep 23, 2010 7:29 pm

Saamic is the predominant official language in Rasvidi, although it has more or less equal utilization with other languages and dialects in the region. All languages native to Rasvidi use the Saamic Alphabet. (Is clearly just the russian cyrillic alphabet)

Capital Small Name IPA English Example
А а а
/a/ a in father
Б б бэ
/b/ or /bʲ/ b in bit
В в вэ
/v/ or /vʲ/ v in vine
Г г гэ
/ɡ/ g in go , or h in hot
Д д дэ
/d/ or /dʲ/ d in do
Е е е
/je/ or / ʲe/ ye in yet
Ё ё ё
/jo/ or / ʲo/ yo in yolk
Ж ж жэ
/ʐ/ g in genre, s in pleasure, j in Jean-Jacques or zh in Dr Zhivago (voiced retroflex fricative)
З з зэ
/z/ or /zʲ/ z in zoo
И и и
/i/ or / ʲi/ e in me
Й й и краткое
[i ˈkra.tkə.ɪ]
/j/ y in yes
К к ка
/k/ or /kʲ/ k in kitten
Л л эл or эль
[el] or [elʲ]
/l/ or /lʲ/ l in lamp
М м эм
/m/ or /mʲ/ m in map
Н н эн
/n/ or /nʲ/ n in not
О о o
/o/ o in more
П п пэ
/p/ or /pʲ/ p in pet
Р р эр
/r/ or /rʲ/ rolled r
С с эс
/s/ or /sʲ/ s in see
Т т тэ
/t/ or /tʲ/ t in tip
У у у
/u/ oo in boot
Ф ф эф
/f/ or /fʲ/ f in face
Х х ха
/x/ Bach (German) (voiceless velar fricative)
Ц ц це
/t͡s/ ts in sits
Ч ч че
/t͡ɕ/ ch in chip
Ш ш ша
/ʂ/ similar to the sh in shut (voiceless retroflex fricative)
Щ щ ща
/ɕː/ similar to the "sh" in sheer (but with a slightly more "y" sound)
(sometimes followed by
a sound similar to the "ch" in chip such as the phrase "Welsh cheese") (voiceless alveolo-palatal fricative)
Ъ ъ твёрдый знак
[ˈtvʲo.rdɨj znak]
N/A a sign which, placed after a consonant, acts as a "silent back vowel"; puts a distinct /j/ sound in front of the following iotified vowels with no palatalisation of the preceding consonant
Ы ы ы
[ɨ] like e in roses or the i in silly (close central unrounded vowel)
Ь ь мягкий знак
[ˈmʲæxʲkʲɪj znak]
/ ʲ/ a sign which, placed after a consonant, acts as a "silent front vowel", slightly palatalises the preceding consonant
Э э э
/e/ e in met
Ю ю ю
/ju/ or / ʲu/ u in use
Я я я
/ja/ or / ʲa/ ya in yard

Saamic Alphabet Rasvidicoatofarmssig
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Chairman Väinö Nakashidze
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Saamic Alphabet
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