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 The Roleplay Guide and its Amendments

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Isis Rakael

Isis Rakael

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The Roleplay Guide and its Amendments Empty
PostSubject: The Roleplay Guide and its Amendments   The Roleplay Guide and its Amendments EmptyTue Oct 05, 2010 8:51 pm

Welcome to the Role Play Guide!
Your one stop shop for all things RP
The "Golden RP" Law of 1494 HE
Approved by: Isis Rakael (SoC: SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME ~ 1496 HE)
Revised by: Oscalantine (SoC: 1496 HE ~)
Target: All RPers

Getting Started

Congratulations! You've joined Tiberiam, registered on the forums, and found your way to my little ol' thread. I'm very pleased you've come and we're thrilled to have you here with us.

If you haven't done so already, I ask that you head on over to this thread and claim a spot on the regional map. This is step number one in starting role play. Can't RP if you don't exist!

The next is an optional step, but it can be very informational and fun to put together (and it helps out the Secretary of Culture in rare cases when he/she needs to intervene in RP issues). Once you have been a forum/region member for 48 hours, you may request a national database here. The purpose of the database is to provide as much (or as little if you're feeling uncreative) information as you want to share about your nation. This includes (most importantly) your national finances and military figures, as well as any information you would like to include about your nation, cities, events, or anything else you deem worthy to share.

For an example of a database, let me direct you to Rasvidi's database. Rasvidi has a wealth of knowledge in his database. You can be just as creative (or more so!) as he has been or you can provide just basic information as I have done. I'm not nearly as talented as Ravidi is when it comes to stuff like that.

When putting together your database, or before initiating an RP, there a couple of rules we need you to follow for the purpose of a more realistic RP experience.

Like a Star @ heaven For economic statistics, divide everything by 10 (including population), except for GDP per capita, unemployment rate, tax rate, and exchange rate. Use this for RPing purposes. You can find your economic statistics here. Type in your nation name into the "Find Nation" section and press Enter. Voila!

Like a Star @ heaven For military statistics, read down to the "Military vs. Population" section of the guide. It's very important you follow these guides. If not, the Secretary of Culture might come and ruin your fun. We don't want that.

Guidelines for Roleplaying

Role playing is a great source of fun. It allows you to use your imagination and write out the unfolding of your own little world. While we do ask you to follow certain guidelines, we try our hardest not to hinder your creativity. Try it out! Describe the history of your city, sign alliances with other nations, or even engage in wars with them. The RP world is your ball of clay. Mold it in what way you see fit.

All of that said, however, there are rules you will need to follow in order to keep role playing fair and balanced for all members concerned.

Like a Star @ heaven I would say that the number one thing RPers should remember is to communicate with the other members of the RP. If no one knows what you're up to, it tends to lead to issues. People get grumpy and storm off and it's just a pain in the rump to deal with. Talk to each other via PM or telegram or even "(OOC:)" inserts. Whatever you need to do. In regards to an RP war I've been participating in recently, I've been quite pleased with the sheer volume of telegrams sent my way in regards to plans, tactics, and behind the scenes stuff to play along with.

Like a Star @ heaven Not every one is an award-winning author and we certainly don't expect you to RP like one. We're not going to harass you over typos, missing words, errant commas, capitalization or anything of that sort. That said, however, we ask that you try to put at some thought into what you're writing. You don't need to write a novel detailing every last detail of what you're playing out (unless you really want to - we're always happy to read it), but coherency is a must. We need to know what you're getting at. If there's a point you're trying to make, please try your hardest to make it as clear as possible for the rest of the RPers involved.

Like a Star @ heaven Although this RP has lack of this, there is such thing as godmoding and autoplaying that you need to keep in mind of. Now, godmoding will be explained more in detail along with futuristic and imaginary, for most of them counts in that category. Autoplay is more serious issue. Autoplaying is basically RPing something that you have no authority to. Controlling nation that is not yours, therefore, is a big NO NO.

Like a Star @ heaven Here in Tiberiam, the current SoC tolerate and encourage the use of APC, or All-Playable Country. It is basically a random country that you can make up to spice up the RP. I wanted to hammer this in because a lot of people are alienated by it. APC is a random country within a territory that has not been taken that can be used by ANYONE and EVERYONE. By having a third party in the equation, war is just that much fun, no?


Warring. It's terribly fun to blow stuff up, isn't it? Roll out the tanks, prep the planes, and getting your marching boots on, we're going to.... WAIT! Hold on to that thought.

Before declaring war on every poor creature that moves anywhere within a quarter mile of your nationa borders, perhaps you should talk to the person whose cities you're planning to drop bombs on. Talk, discuss, plan. Agree on something, and have at it. RPing can be fun even if you know the ultimate outcome. The fun lies in getting there! And who knows? That ultimate outcome may not be the end of the ordeal afterall. You don't have to know how everything is going to go down before you start it, but having some sort of plot is generally a good idea.

If you do decide to war, great! Just make you sure you follow the rules. Militaries, despite what might exist in the world in your head (and farbeit for me to question those), are not infinite. Most real life militaries are roughly 3% of a nation's total population. 20%, 30%, 80%... all terribly unrealistic, unless, of course, you are counting those capable of picking up sticks and stones and hurling them at your enemies armored brigades. Take into account things like military size and your military budget. A 2,000 man army might be better than 20,000 if you have a better military budget. The larger the size of your military, the more it costs to adequately equip and arm them. Please take all of this into consideration before you go picking fights. As stated before, please talk to your RP partner during your roleplay.

Here in Tiberiam we also have a No-No stands on Futuristic and Imaginary. Futuristic means that you have been using weapons that seems to be out of place, OR you have been guilty of godmoding. Every one of the bullets cannot miss your soldiers, and you will probably lose a city or two in all-out assault. Keep in mind that missile barrage usually hits your city as well. Imaginary is as its is told. The current SoC is EXTREMELY intolerant of such unspoken rule. Imaginary is basically when there is a situation where if you use your sense of logic, it probably wont' happen. For instance, spawning a million soldiers when there is less than 500,000 population. Although strict, your SoC is not a "bad cop." he will warn you when you make the mistake, so don't be afraid to speak your mind. Most of the times when you THINK you have been guilty of those actions, you probably are not.

Military vs. Population Calculations

Warring via RP is great fun, but it must remain orderly in order to be fair. This formula is a great way of determining the size of your military force, rather than pulling a number out of thin air (which often results in the Secretary of Culture having to step in and address the issue).

  • Your military should be 3%-10%* of your total population. ( * Dependent on your nation size. Larger nations will be capped at 5% of your total population while smaller nations will be allowed up to 10% for the sake of parity.)

    As an example, we will using "Nation A" with a population of 20 million (RP) and assume they are using the maximum of 10%.

  • Multiply your total population by the percentage you choose to employ.

    Ex. 20 million X .10 (10%) = 2,000,000 military personnel

    Based on Nation A's size and percentage employed, it will have a maximum of 2 million troops at its command.

  • Next, multiply your total troops count (in this case, 2 million) with the percentage of your Defense Budget, as indicated by NSEconomy. This percentage is the percentage against your total national GDP.

    Nation A has 35% war defense budget.

    Ex. 2,000,000 X 0.35 (35%) = 700,000 military personnel

    Based upon the percentage of Nation A's Defense budget, it will have a maximum of 700,000 active troops.

  • Now subtract 700,000 from your total 2 million.

    Ex. 2,000,000 - 700,000 = 1,300,000

    Nation A will have 1.3 million troops on reserve.

Nation A can only use 700,000 troops for offensive operations against an enemy. Nation A will be able to activate and use the remaining 1.3 million troops in the event that its nation is invaded and it needs to defend its borders.

Note from the old Secretary of Culture: If you care to reverse the numbers (using Nation A's as an example), you may use 1.3 million as your active force and 700,000 as your reserve, so long as you bear in mind that a lessened reserve force may be detremental to your nation in times of war.

Note from the NEW Secretary of Culture: I realize that even with the old extra note, some of you are still very afraid.Therefore, you MAY use emergency transfer, where you can inflate your defense budget by shifting funds from other budgets. I will approve up to 80% of the budget going into defense at times of peril.


Well, there are few things that we need to speak about economy. Economy has been... not all that mentioned in Tiberiam mainly because of nobody can really keep track of it. However, keep in mind that it exists, and you shouldn't ignore it.

Now, before I give you all the NOSTRIL FLARE OF TOTAL REJECTION, here's some few, easy things to look out for.

  • Just went to war? Great, did you win? Wait, you are going to another war? Hmmm... you might not want to do that. HUH?! You are declaring war AGAIN?! WHAT ABOUT THE MONEY?!?!?!?!
    • The "Don't overextend yourself by waring with everyone" rule

  • You have 60% on Defense, 1% on Public Transportation, and 0% on Healthcare? Wow... you are just chugging military budget, eh? Wait, you are building a MASSIVE BRIDGE that extends all the way across the sea? I have hard time believing you can do that. WHAT?! Your government had the new breakthrough of a medication that can cure Cancer?! WHERE IS THE MONEY COMING FROM?!
    • The "Remember your budget" rule

  • Based on the rules that are being forwarded in the economy section, SoC can revise the economy of any given country from the original NSeconomy statistics to stats more realistic to the RP. SoC will give you a notice when the change to the economy has been made, and the revised economy will be posed in the Database section for view. Complaints can be protested via TG or via Office of Secretary of Culture thread. SoC is always obligated to give you SoC's view of economic consequence of certain actions done by RPers ONLY WHEN ASKED.
    • The "SoC can F-up your economy if you don't follow the rules" rule

Use this thread in the meantime. Rasvidi was kind enough to provide us with the original.

Go here, too.

And here.

The Roleplay Guide and its Amendments IRuserbar
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Leader: President Jiri Iroh
Capital: Illien

"•70 minutes ago: Following new legislation in Isis Rakael, billions of Platinum Niflmarkes are being blown on orbital weapons development."
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The Roleplay Guide and its Amendments Empty
PostSubject: The Wartime Expansion Cost Revision Act of 1498 HE   The Roleplay Guide and its Amendments EmptyFri Jan 14, 2011 9:20 am

The Wartime Expansion Cost Revision Act of 1498 HE
Approved by: Oscalantine (SoC: 1496 HE ~)
Target: Any Nations that have succeeded in expansions

Like everyone in the world, we like expansions. We LOVE expansions. We ADORE expansions. We cannot get enough of them. We want resources, land, resources, people, resources, spread of religion, resources, ideas, resources, supremacy, and most importantly… RESOURCES.

However, in order to make sure that someone does not have an empire with military of 5k, I would like to make sure that certain things are hammered out to make everyone’s lives that much more enjoyable. What I want to first introduce is time restrictions on expansions.

Alright, so far Tiberiam has been focused on giving people incentives for people to MASS military budget. Anyone with over 50% defense budget was the badass of the land, and there has been ridiculous nations in the past where I saw their defense budget being around their 50% while having no healthcare, no social reform, barely any in administration, no communication and infrastructure, and zero education (Think he fixed that… I cannot find the said country anymore.). So essentially, the said country was just a bunch of muscles if you put it into human perspective. There was no brain, no blood vessel, no neurons, and no immune system.

I don’t know about you, but that is MESSED UP!

So in order to discourage those countries from… overtaking us all, I would like to introduce few more budgets to the role. Those are Law and Order, Public Transport, Social Welfare, and Administration to add into any expansion

I actually also saw a few actions by certain countries to take “Emergency Procedures” of instantly beefing up their military for the upcoming war. THAT IS ALSO ACCEPTABLE AND ENCOURAGED. That is EXACTLY what countries in RL do whenever there is a war. So I would approve any country transferring all their budgets into defense in the bleak of war, when there is threat of horrible, unspoken terror. However, I would not approve of 100% defense during invasion, nor would I even want anyone to stay at 100% mobilization after the war.

Law and Order Restriction

Law and Order is something that EVERYONE has, regardless of how little, and I believe that nobody would care if I used this as delay factor for the next expansion. I am using L&O (Law and Order) as a delay factor because once you take over a plot; you need to make sure that the said land is complete in your control before you take that military off elsewhere. You need to make sure that you have military there so that you can make sure that nothing funny happens, like rebellion, etc.

Therefore… Law and Order will serve as two things: reducing the amount of military needed in the plot to serve as “military police,” and reducing the amount of time that the said “military police” must stay in the region before the region has became stable.

The calculation is simple… or so I think it is.
  • Subtract your L&O % from 50. That is how much you need to wait in RP time before you can take over another country. For the sake of uniformity, one day in RL would count as 5 days in RP date, so you would need to wait maximum of 10 days before you take over another nation.)
  • Subtract your L&O % from 35. That is the % of your military you need to keep in your plot at all times for the duration of “Wait Time” that I’ll mention later. This military cannot fight any wars, even defensive, under your RP command. The ONLY exception is when the plot that you have taken over is being fought. You can use your military police then.

See? Simple. This makes sure that people cannot take several territories at one go. It also restricts the military by at little over a third whenever they take the territory. Now for the Wait Time that I mentioned earlier…

Wait Time

Wait Time is basically how long must x% of military stay in the said area. Now, keep in mind any country with EXTREME investment to L&O doesn’t even have to leave any there. For instance… I looked, and Hijima (who left Tiberiam RP, sadly) had 35% L&O, so no troops needs to stay there. Civa Orchestra will also do not need to leave any troops there, seeing as he has over 37% Law and Order. However, many countries will need to leave some part of the troops there in the territory. Now, how long you need to leave your x% of men is depended on WT (Wait Time), which will be calculated by me or whoever is the one with the calculator. HOWEVER, I shall give the procedure here, so that anyone can calculate their said wait time before they commit to their troops.

30 – distance* = D-buff
[Commerce% + PublicTrans%] - 20 = Const-buff
[Admin% + Edu%] – 30 = Prop-buff
[Welfare% + (GDPperCap/1,000)] – 20 = Econ-buff

Wait Time = [70 + LandNeg**] – [D-buff + Const-buff + Prop-buff + Econ-buff] Days

*Distance buff is basically the distance from the center of the plot (middle of the number that represents the plot) to your capital city. This is in centimeters and will be rounded to the nearest centimeter, either up or down.

**LandNeg is basically how hard the land will be to completely rule. Because I have NO clue how this will work out, I will decide this case-by-case basis as SoC. The classification is divided to Tiny, Small, Medium, Large, and Massive. Most inland plots will be given size “Medium.” However, depending on the resource that it holds and how much of the plot you have actually taken, I shall assign the classification as I see fit. For instance, Plot 28 (the arctic zone with tons of oil fields) will get classification Massive. Meanwhile, Plot 20, despite its massive size, will only receive “Medium,” because of its lack of usage and resources.

LandNeg Classification Group and its values:

Massive – 40
Large – 30
Medium – 20
Small – 10
Tiny – 0

Incorporated States of Oscalantine

CEO of Oscalantine: Executor Nathanial Nestor Kwon

Management Head of Technology - Head Tony Max Kiwiki
Management Head of Programming - Head Lesana Victoria Melcoba
Management Head of Maintenance - Head George Alexander Kim

Military Manager of Navy - Fleet Admiral Valarie Esinstall Kwon
Military Manager of Army - General Judiciary Jimmy Thomas Lee
Military Manager of Airspace - [vacant]
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The Roleplay Guide and its Amendments Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Roleplay Guide and its Amendments   The Roleplay Guide and its Amendments EmptyTue Mar 01, 2011 2:12 am

In good many RP threads, there has been an issue of this. And now since I am the victim of one, I believe that the urgency of this should be addressed. (I am such a selfish SoC… someone sue me!)

The SpaceTime Correlation Act of 1499 HE
Approved by: Oscalantine (SoC: 1496 HE ~)
Target: All Nations

This Act has been created in order to make everyone’s lives easier with the current system of space-time continuum. Firstly, let’s look at the current space-time problem: while our current time system is “one RL day = 4~5 RP days,” there are certain threads (i.e. summits and peace talks) that take several RL days while realistically it only took one RP day.

Now, this isn’t an issue in most cases. However, there are times when a nation is committed into multiple different meetings. In such cases, what will happen? Does the entire Tiberiam freezes up for one happening? What about updates that happen in the rest of the world that needs to be addressed as well?

Definement ofSpaceTime

However, for the sake of RP’s continuum, RP time will remain at “one RL day = 4~5 RP days.” Therefore, in order to stop confusion, each RP threads will be classified as the following zones:

  • Parallel Time Zone
    • This zone follows the standard RP time of 1RLd=5RPd.
    • Mostly used for warfare or otherwise real-time threads
    • This Zone continues its flow of time regardless of RP activity in the thread.
    • This Zone expires once the thread’s conflict or event is over.

  • One-Day Time Zone
    • This zone is frozen in one day.
    • Used for Summits and Delegations, where meeting of different nations’ representatives meet.
    • This Zone is only stuck on one day until it is completed.
    • This Zone expires once the thread’s conflict or event is resolved.

  • Stopped Time Zone
    • This zone is, for all intents and purposes, frozen in time
    • Used for “News” threads.
    • However, by the request of anyone, this can be altered (and altered back) to Parallel Time Zone and One-Day Time Zone.
    • This Zone never truly expires.

These Zones will be set automatically once the thread has been established. There is no need to fret about the zones in the RP. They have already been in place before, and I have simply defined and classified each of them

Rules ofSpaceTime

A simple to follow rules for the defined zones is as follows.

  • In the case where a need for two Parallel Zones to collide, they may do so in the RP times. In other words, the connection happens naturally and without restrictions.
    • Ex. A conflict between two nations can escalate into larger conflict by merging another conflict between two separate nations.

  • In the case where a need for two One-Day Zones to collide, unless the zones have started both in the same RL day, they may not.
    • However, for the sake of efficiency and RL time management, should a need arise where a news or information must be transmitted between two threads, that is possible.
    • Ex. While delegates of Meeting A cannot meet the delegates of Meeting B, the result of Meeting A (even if the meeting has started after Meeting B and it has yet to end) can be relayed to Meeting B and vice versa.

  • In the case where a need for Stopped Zones to collide, they may do so. However, any collision must respect the dates of each zone’s posts.
    • Ex. News A thread’s 1489 HE post can contain matters from News B thread’s 1349 HE post. However, News B thread’s 1350 HE post cannot include News A thread’s 1489 HE post because it did not happen yet.

  • Should a need arise that characters from any time zones must exist in multiple threads, the following rules apply:
    • In the case of characters needing to be in two or more Parallel Zones at once, Such is possible, given that the character has not died.
      • Ex. As long as General K did not die in any of the threads, General K may exist in multiple different conflict threads.
    • In the case of characters needing to be in two or more One-Day Zones at once, As long as the threads did not start on the same day, this may occur.
      • Ex. Delegate C can attend Meeting A and Meeting C (because Meeting A and C did not happened on the same RL day), but Delegate C cannot attend Meeting A and Meeting B (because Meeting A and B happened on the same RL day)
    • In the case of characters needing to be in two or more Stopped Zones at once, such is possible as long as the character does not cause the case of “future sight.”
      • Ex. Leader X can be in the press conference in both News A and News B, but if News A happened before News B, the Leader X cannot know what happened in News B in News A.


I know it is confusing, but I have the situation under control. Should a need arise where I need to revise this rule, I give any SoC the power necessary to revise this rule. If there is any questions, please refer to me (Oscalantine) or current SoC to see if you are doing things right.

Also keep in mind that this was an unspoken rule that everyone followed. I just decided to create a rule to clarify certain things.

Well, happy RPing!!!

Incorporated States of Oscalantine

CEO of Oscalantine: Executor Nathanial Nestor Kwon

Management Head of Technology - Head Tony Max Kiwiki
Management Head of Programming - Head Lesana Victoria Melcoba
Management Head of Maintenance - Head George Alexander Kim

Military Manager of Navy - Fleet Admiral Valarie Esinstall Kwon
Military Manager of Army - General Judiciary Jimmy Thomas Lee
Military Manager of Airspace - [vacant]
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The Roleplay Guide and its Amendments Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Roleplay Guide and its Amendments   The Roleplay Guide and its Amendments EmptySun Mar 13, 2011 10:36 am

[[Super Delayed Rule... hope everyone likes it =D]]

The Wheel of Misfortune Act of 1499 HE
Approved by: Oscalantine (SoC: 1496 HE ~)
Target: All active RPers

There has been an issue in the RP world with lack of… “exciting” events in the world. And let us all face the facts: no nation would want to self-inflict harm on their own citizens. However, in the few cases that the people did indeed do so (few of pandemic RPs come to mind), the RP was fun and buzzing with activity. It is precisely that particular case that I wish to encourage: the thriving RP environment with lots of great contribution to the amazing environment.

Of course, this will be difficult to manage on voluntary basis. There is also a large problem if there was a mandating rule of “National Issue” every few days: I would practically be condemning the active Roleplayers.

This is the reasoning behind the “Wheel of Misfortune Act,” which is designed to ensure that excitement happens not at the cost of you, the active RPers, but at the cost of me, the SoC who should be concerning about the RP in the first place.

Definement of the Wheel

So how will this “wheel” work? Well, it is really luck of the draw, or in this case, random number generator. Sequence of numbers will be generated, and the outcome will be decided based on those numbers.

So here are rules surrounding the numbers:

  • http://www.random.org/ will be used to generate random numbers.
  • Random numbers will be generated by SoC or the Moderators. While the SoC ultimate generates the sequence of numbers, Moderators can challenge the rolling of SoC’s outcome, and can request the Administrators to check for corruption. Should the Administrators find said corruption in the number generation; the Moderators will generate their own sequence of numbers to replace the corrupted SoC’s generation. In the absence SoC during the time that numbers must be generated, Moderators can also generate the sequence in SoC’s steed. SoC can also give permission to allow Moderators to generate the number as well. In any case that SoC finds the Moderator’s number generation to be corrupted (Under any circumstances that Moderators are given the privilege to generate the numbers), then the corruption can again be check by the Administrators, and should corruption be found in the generation, the Administrators will then generate the number for the sake of parity. However, Administrators do not have the power to question the corruption of the number generation unless such issue has been pressed by either the majority of the RP community, Moderators, or SoC. If the event was already RPed by the time that the corruption of the generation was questioned, the thread will be locked until SoC and the Moderators have figured out how the cope with such problem.
  • All events generated by the Wheel of Misfortune are Voluntary. Should the RPer requested does not wish to partake in such an event, he or she can formally reject such event from occurring. The event must and can only be started by the designated RPer, and no other community members of Tiberiam can pressure the said RPer into fulfillment of the events beyond words of encouragement (indicating that no threats or mistreatment should arise from rejecting the events). Should a designated RPer do not respond to the call (in order to accept or reject the generated event), then the said RPer will forfeit the rights to claim the event.
  • Under any cases where the event has been rejected or unclaimed by the designated RPer, another RPer can take the event as his or her own. This claim can be formally made to SoC via post in the forum, TG, or PM. Should more than one RPer wish to take the event, SoC will ultimately decide who should take the event. This claim, however, can be challenged by the Moderators and Administrators upon request from the RP community.
  • All events generated by the Wheel of Misfortune must first start in “National” section of the forum. From there, SoC can move the thread to wherever the thread is deemed necessary.
  • Events generated by the Wheel of Misfortune must still abide by all rules of Tiberiam. This means that unreasonable posts that breaks other rules set by SoC will still be deemed unsatisfactory RP post and will be questioned.

Okay, with the dry legitimacy rules away, here’s the real “Game Rules.”

These rules can be subjected to revision and changes as the RP community develops.

Specifics as to what each numbers indicate will be posted in the “Office of Secretary of Culture” under the name of “Desk of Da Wheel”

  • Firstly, three “Large” numbers will be generated. These numbers are as follows:
    • 1~x(indicating the number of Tiberiam RPers) : This will designate who the event will target primarily.
    • 1~1000 : This number will indicate the event that the designated RPer will act upon.
    • 1~100 : This number will indicate the “magnitude” of the said event occurring. Details as to how this means will be based on the objectivity of SoC.

  • Secondly, few more number generations can be made based on the event.
    • For Instance : If a player is subjected to declare war on certain nation, such will be decided by the number generation.

  • The RPer will have to make a thread to start the event.
    • Note that no other “Wheel of Misfortune” events will take place at this time normally… unless SoC deems that another event can occur.

  • Due to the nature of the events, most threads will have conclusion, created either by the SoC or the Moderators. These conclusions are mandatory and cannot be rejected.

Understood? Now we can seriously play the game of “Life,” made by SoC, dictated by SoC, and for the amusement of SoC. Have fun everyone!

Oh and happy RPing!!!

Incorporated States of Oscalantine

CEO of Oscalantine: Executor Nathanial Nestor Kwon

Management Head of Technology - Head Tony Max Kiwiki
Management Head of Programming - Head Lesana Victoria Melcoba
Management Head of Maintenance - Head George Alexander Kim

Military Manager of Navy - Fleet Admiral Valarie Esinstall Kwon
Military Manager of Army - General Judiciary Jimmy Thomas Lee
Military Manager of Airspace - [vacant]
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The Roleplay Guide and its Amendments Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Roleplay Guide and its Amendments   The Roleplay Guide and its Amendments EmptyWed Apr 06, 2011 2:54 am

The International Spending Act of 1499 HE
Approved by: Oscalantine (SoC: 1496 HE ~)
Target: All RPers

In the recent light of things, I began to recognize that countries must have a certain section of the treaty to spend as they please. This includes financial aids, FDI, and donating to international organizations. While until now spending of countries were free unless it conflicted with economic subsection of the Golden Rules created by the almighty Isis Rakael himself, this rule can no longer hold out for the ever more growing economic RPs that this RP community thirst. Therefore, with the power invested in me, I shall create rules and regulations for the spenditures that each country can spend on.

Of course, I realize that there isn’t really “government allowance” budget in the NSeconomy. However, I also realize that left on its own hands, everyone will spend billions that needs to be spent in other areas. In short, we need to regulate the allowance based on certain budget.

In that sense, there are few spending budgets that are not really used. One of such budgets that SEEMS to be something tied to international spending is Commerce budget.

Therefore, with the power invested in me, I hereby establish the following addition of rules:

  • Defining “yearly period”
    • Yearly period is 2.5 months set by the SoC to count as the measuring medium to measure the commerce budget’s cycle. Once this act (international spending act) has been established and put into effect, the act will start immediately, and along with it the start of the yearly period. The yearly period (yp) is exactly 2.5 RL time, and it will be determined by the SoC each time the new cycle occurs. Should the SoC sees the need to, this cycle can be halted or hastened to different measures. In such cases, SoC will warn everyone at least approximately 24 hours RL time before its occurrence.

  • The Commerce budget at the beginning of the RP year shall be the budget that the country can utilize in all projects that have not been declared in the national thread. This includes but not limited to:
    • Sending aids to foreign countries
    • spending money in alliances
    • Military movement that has not been announced
    • investing into unannounced projects

  • The “announced” and “unannounced” indicates whether this has been stated in the National News or not. If the project or war effort has been stated in the news thread in the National subsection, the event and spending is “announced” and thus paid for by the government budgets. However, if such did not happened, the event and project is “unannounced,” which means that you will have to spend from the “government allowance” in the Commerce budget.
  • The fluctuation of budgets in the government (like giving aid or receiving funds) will be recorded in the Commerce section. Should the government deplete itself of its commerce budget… aka “allowance”… it cannot participate in capita-intensive, instantaneous activities as defined above unless said government can replenish the budget. This can be done by one of two ways:
    • Ask for aid/debt from other countries or entities.
    • To relocate the DEFENSE budget of the said government budget to commerce, and thus revising the military to the reduced portion until next RP year, in which it could be revised.

  • This said “allowance” will be reset each yearly period. This means that no matter how much money is left over in the commerce budget at the end of yearly quarter, this will be reset to the exactly the amount of commerce budget. Keep in mind that the debts made by the country needs to be paid with this commerce budget, but it is not automatically subtracted.

Happy Rping!!!

Incorporated States of Oscalantine

CEO of Oscalantine: Executor Nathanial Nestor Kwon

Management Head of Technology - Head Tony Max Kiwiki
Management Head of Programming - Head Lesana Victoria Melcoba
Management Head of Maintenance - Head George Alexander Kim

Military Manager of Navy - Fleet Admiral Valarie Esinstall Kwon
Military Manager of Army - General Judiciary Jimmy Thomas Lee
Military Manager of Airspace - [vacant]
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The Roleplay Guide and its Amendments
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