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 Department of Health

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PostSubject: Re: Department of Health   Sun Nov 14, 2010 2:07 am

The disease is now completely gone in the Kingdom of KingIsaac. Queen Jeny gave $1,000,000 on each member in the Association of Medicine Experts. November 15 was declared as a national holiday to celebrate the nation's victory over the deadly disease.

The disease, according to Queen Jeny, was a blessing in disguise. The tourism rate increased from 5% to 80%. Queen jeny concluded that maybe it was because of the 3 science museum they opened that has a sample of the viruses, of the Rx1 and GluttonXI. The nation of KingIsaac also opened 2 national museums as a commemoration for all those who dies because of the disease.

People who wants to be citizen of KingIsaac also increased to 60%. Investors invested big on KingIsaac for its success to fight the disease.
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PostSubject: Re: Department of Health   Sun Nov 14, 2010 4:15 am

Oscalantine government was overjoyed and its Christian population even more so over KingIssac's victory over the plague. Oscalantine's public vote was taken place immediately: should Oscalantine also celebrate November 15? The answer was swift and nearly unanimous: yes. Oscalantine was happy to publicly announce that they, too, will celebrate Novemeber 15 as not only the day that mankind triumphed over plague through human means, but also a day where one mourns for the loss of all those lives taken by the plague.

Oscalantine's medical branch was overjoyed to see the museum, and decided to donate several procedural mechanics of GuttonXI to be presented in the Museum of Medicine. Oscalantine also requested that the death of few that were within Oscalantine quarantine also be represented in the museums.

Many people went to KingIssac to celebrate on Novemeber 15th as everyone who was in Oscalantine was happy that the disease was over. It was reported that Oscalantine people were responsible for over 60% of all tourism in KingIssac that happened during initial burst of tourism waves, although they did not really have anything to do with the continual rise of tourist rates.

Oscalantine, too, was happy. Through their support, Oscalantine has made themselves know that they were a leading innovator of safe medication... and a company that is willing to accept their mistakes and make amends with it. Business deals from various pharmaceutical companies were coming in, and Oscalantine treasury concluded that these deals will offset the medical budget previously spent to combat the plague. All was well in Oscalantine, and they had much to celebrate with its neighbor KingIssac.

Incorporated States of Oscalantine

CEO of Oscalantine: Executor Nathanial Nestor Kwon

Management Head of Technology - Head Tony Max Kiwiki
Management Head of Programming - Head Lesana Victoria Melcoba
Management Head of Maintenance - Head George Alexander Kim

Military Manager of Navy - Fleet Admiral Valarie Esinstall Kwon
Military Manager of Army - General Judiciary Jimmy Thomas Lee
Military Manager of Airspace - [vacant]
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PostSubject: Re: Department of Health   Mon Nov 15, 2010 4:24 am

The Nation of KingIsaac accepted the request from Oscalantine and all those who died in the experiment in Oscalantine have some pictures and information that can be seen in the museum. The science museum is now considered as the biggest science museum that also have the latest and advanced technology.

The Members of the Association of Medicine Experts, who discovered the Rx1, are now the secretaries of Department of Science and Technology, Department of Health, and Bureau of Social Welfare and development. Queen Jeny expected that KingIsaac will soon be the country with the most advanced technologies.

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PostSubject: Re: Department of Health   

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Department of Health
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