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 Era to New Dawn

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PostSubject: Era to New Dawn   Era to New Dawn EmptySat Oct 23, 2010 11:47 pm

Central Newspaper
Your ONLY source for Nexus International News

The Day of Beginning

Just hours ago, a new draft of constitution was signed. It is official, ladies and gentlemen. The Incorporated States of Oscalantine has finally been ratified as the official country in our region.

The story paces back 2 year, where the Senate house of United States of Inerigo has started draft of the new constitution. A new constitution for a new country. This shocking decision didn’t come as much of a shock to many of its citizens, who have been experiencing enormous reform by our past USI’s last president, President Nathanial N. Kwon of Nexus Incorporated. With brilliant leadership of President Kwon, USI has seen their unprecedented rate of recovery from the revolutionary wars that destroyed the nation and left many deaths. Working closely with the country’s largest corporation and now the ruling party of the shining new government, Nexus Incorporated, President Kwon’s stimulus plan was successful, giving people hope and jobs in stunning economic recovery. Under the leadership of this last president, USI has managed construct the foundations for the new country’s birth, as it was inevitable that USI no longer held the efficiency that the government should have.

“USI was beyond helping,” said the Senator Kiwiki, the advocator of the new constitution and also the Head Manager of Technicians in Nexus Incorporated, “USI’s system itself was at wrong. No amount of reform could save this corrupt state which has caused unemployment and attempt of starting a tyrannical government. The country has lost all support of its people, and what little support they have is from radicals who have advocated tyranny in the region. Oscalantine was a must for our people to continue its rise to global power.”

Indeed, Oscalantine’s rise has been the rumor of the streets for years, as people speculated that Nexus-oriented president was not going to allow the country, which had directly confrontation with Nexus just over a decade ago, to continue its potential reign of tyranny. Many claimed, however, that there wasn’t enough support to draft the constitution, let alone amend it and sign its acts. Many top political professors speculated that there was no way that so many parties of USI, with major power True Liberation Party, or TLP, outlawed due to its destructive mindset of creating a tyrannical government, could agree on such a overnight decision despite its necessity.

However, the draft was done. The amendments were signed. What started out as a debate in a lower house rose to major act which started everything going in the government. Every section of government were at work to change the country from USI to Oscalantine. Many scholars and citizens alike were amazed at how efficient and collectively was this constitution created and amended. It was shocking and patriotic to see all these government bodies working to sacrifice itself for the greater good of the people. Surely, they will be forever remembered in the last history of USI as well as the new dawn of Oscalantine.

Twelve hours ago, President Kwon has signed the constitution into effect, effectively destroying the old in process. The government bodies now took their leave as internet voting rose all over the country, telling people about the new election. The government officials received a large and grant farewell from the masses in the citizens in the temporary government building of Bael, the Nexus Sector 01 and the current corporate headquarter of Nexus Incorporated. This also marked the first internet voting in the region, supported by Nexus Incorporated in terms of security. With a surprising voter turnout of 80%, the CEO of Nexus Incorporated was selected. Is it a surprise? The new president was none other than the reform-minded President Nathanial N. Kwon. As the new CEO, Executor Kwon will now be the corporate executive for both Nexus Incorporated as well as the new country of Oscalantine. Executor Kwon has accepted its position as soon as the tally was made official, and thanks the populous for such a swift voter turnout.

“I heard from Nexus Incorporated that the site was overwhelmed several times.” Chuckled the new leader of Oscalantine, “And there were still 80% voter turnout. And mind you these are not the percentage of votes, but number of voters. Even USI, patriotic nation, have it greatest voter turnout of 60%.”

The Executor Kwon is now busy with coordination of its officials, and he would formally address the international community as soon as possible



Nathanial Nestor Kwon, the new Executor of Oscalantine, stood before the entrance to the podium, where he was to give his speech for new country. Nate let out a loud sigh and calmed himself. He wasn’t into speeches, whether it was in corporate ballroom, that victory speech in the political campaign, or the inauguration speech that he was forced give as he was sworn into office as president of USI. He just wasn’t ready at all of them. Everything went according to the plan, yes, but even he, the advocator of Flash Change faction of Nexus Incorporated, was shocked at how fast things were pacing.

Nate breathed in deeply one last time as he blinked slowly. He gave himself the peptalk that he always gave himself whenever he was nervous: stop worrying yourself, because you are the best there is.

Without further ado, Nate stepped into the podium, and cheers roared through the crowd. Now this was larger than anything he has given speech to. But it will do. Nate was proud of himself, and he was sure that his parents would be, too. He was the first leader of Oscalantine, and the first leader of 100% corporate-driven country in the world.


The “New Dawn” Speech

Good Evening, ladies and gentlemen, on this glorious new dawn. I shall make this speech short, as these corporate nutcases didn’t give me enough time to practice my speech.

laughter from the crowds, Executor himself smiles

We are gathered here today to address the new dawn… the new dawn of Oscalantine. From the inside of the government, I realized two things: how corrupt the system of government was in, and how inefficient it was. I tried my best to address the latter part, revitalizing several economic sectors as well as fueling the joint-project with Nexus Incorporated in finishing the Nexus Sectors 02 to 04. However, it wasn’t sufficient. We, the governing bodies of USI, realized that the constitution and its amendments were forcing us, the individuals with like-minded ideas, to fight for our very survival in the government. We could see then why President Jones—

boos rise from the crowd. Executor closes his mouth until all the slandering of the ex-president subsides.

—Jones has committed such acts of treason. It wasn’t his innate nature or his party’s solution for sating its hunger for power. No, it was for survival. They, too, were struggling with the corrupt system, and their method was not much different from ours. However, it was the MEANS that made the difference. President Jones didn’t negotiate and try to solve the system from inside. He decided that war, what he was best at, was the ONLY method for reform.

Executor stops talking for awhile to drink his glass of water.

Therefore, Nexus Incorporated had to intervene and interrupt his ideas. However, his legacy lives on in me! He will now rest easy in his grave knowing that I and Nexus Incorporated will now follow his legacy for better government. We shall not make his efforts go to waste! We shall bring forth the new system: the one that ISN’T CORRUPT!

Cheers come from the crowd.

That is why Oscalantine was necessary! The new nation for a new system. We, the Oscalantine and its officials, promise to create an efficient, corporate-minded government that will serve the needs of all our people. We swear that as long as you want to work, NO ONE WILL BE UNEMPLOYED





applause and loud cheer. The crowd goes wild… if that is a term to be used in this situation.

Therefore, upon the dawn of this new government, I solemnly swear that this government will be a joint project with Nexus Incorporated. Nexus Inc has known for their patriotism in this region as well as its moral code of efficiency. They have proven to use that they were our secret guardians, protecting us from the government interest since its mother company of Melcoba Corporation. We know we can trust Nexus to do the right thing for us. Therefore, I announce to the world that from here on out, Oscalantine would be a corporatcracy… and Nexus Incorporated will be our assistant to guide us through both good times and bad.

We shall be the first of the countries to venture gloriously to the unknown. We shall be the pioneers of this new birth of company and government, the two opposing forces of the world today. We shall march onto the where no government has went before, and emerge victorious. Long live the Corporation! Long live Corporatcracy! LONG LIVE OSCALANTINE!!!

the broadcast ends with everyone chanting Oscal, abbreviation of Oscalantine.
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Era to New Dawn
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