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 Shade Report

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Shade Report

Shade Report is a book written by ex-politician and now Corporate Enemy #1 of Oscalantine, Mr. S, whose name has been erased from record in any Oscalantine records. Shade Report is a must-read of any Oscalantine citizens, and Oscalantine has recently added parts of Shade Report as part of its history textbooks.
Shade Report is important and possibly the only document that holds the whole and unedited history of Oscalantine from its rise as a small manufacturing company to all-encompassing Corporation that it is today. The current book is sold at 100 Nexus Credits in stores, a price obviously set to discourage purchase of this book.
This is except from Shade Report. The actual book is approximately 100 pages long, and it is sold only in hardcover. Purchasing is only available in reserved bookstores (Oscalantine only has one corporation selling books, which is Nexus Inc) around the Encrypted Cities.

Hello, my name is Mr. Shade, or Mr. S for short. I was the Minority head of United States of the Inerigo Senate. And this… is my tale of how my country had fallen.

Melcoba Corporation

It all started when my father, who, by the way, bore me when he was 30, was 3. Backtracking from old newspapers, I noticed that this was the day that sealed USI’s fate. With a permit of hardware manufacturing, Melcoba Corporation was founded. It started off as a small company struggling to get their share of hardware contracts from newly fledging computer industries. According to documents that I could receive just before I went into hiding, Melcoba Co was in the process of filing a bankruptcy when the Information Technology Act was put into action by USI government. Melcoba, thanks to this act, managed to get precious government funding it needed to get out of its bankruptcy. Along with the direct stimulus, with ITA allowed Melcoba to obtain numerous businesses, and allowed Melcoba Corporation to build into major computer manufacturing industry by the time I was 5.

Greatest Purchase

I traced the newspaper to back when I was ten to find that Melcoba Corporation was purchased and assimilated into Sisoloc Incorporated, the major information technology manufacturing company of its time. However, this was not right, as I saw from… My sources indicated that Melcoba Corporation was THE one and only company that gave birth to abomination called Nexus Incorporated. So I did some research.

… After I have finally managed to settle myself in a small county just before the border, I opened the content of my shipment. I was surprised… it was worth being put into the USI intelligence agency’s top wanted list. The contents… showed that Melcoba Corporation was the one that bought the Sisoloc Incorporated, and not the other way around. The method was simple. Through careful maneuver of… methods that managed to buy Sisoloc Inc without arousing troubles. Melcoba Corporation was now hidden from the world, with help of its greatest purchase.

Rise to Conglomerate

By my age of 15, Melcoba Corporation, hidden from disguise of Sisoloc Inc and now newly acquired DnX Corporation, was free to divert its capital to somewhere else. Using various loopholes in USI’s loose corporation laws, Melcoba Co founded several branch companies around the sector, anywhere from metal manufactory to power plants. Through this process, Melcoba Corporation has created a vertical process, which allowed its branch companies to work efficiently and cheaply, allowing its main industry, computer manufacturing, to grow in immense size. Sisoloc Inc now was the largest corporation that was still lower than monopoly standards, and DnX Co has become the largest supplier of DxOS in the country. This happened in surprisingly speed: I was attending university in USI’s capital at the age of 21 when I bought the latest Dx-09 Professional for my newest Sisoloc computer.

Rise to Government

Melcoba Co now had its eyes on monopoly law… or antitrust law of USI. Melcoba hated it. It wanted to grow into all-encompassing Corporation. Melcoba now reached its deadly engine of destruction to the government.

Through different trial and error, Melcoba realized that lobbyists were not enough to convince the government of its antitrust issues. Therefore, Melcoba did the unthinkable: to handpick and support its own politicians. Because Melcoba Co was beyond the watch of the government, since it didn’t exist on paper, its founder started a charity organization after he retired as management branch of Sisoloc Inc. Its aim wasn’t a simple charity, however. Although it was a charity organization, it specifically funded and packed the scholarships of handpicked group of individuals from underground operations. These supported members graduated with all their school debts paid and their political assets fully armed as they pushed onto the government. They became the next generation of politicians in USI.

I was one of those shameful individuals. I was selected by Melcoba Corporation, told of their ideals… which were all false. I accepted their terms and signed their contract. I became a law school student by the age of 26, an obvious backing from Melcoba, and soon graduated from the school at age of 30.

… and thus, I became part of Senate at young age of 40, which was unheard of since the beginning of USI. And now that I look back, I was the first of Melcoba-backed politicians to hit the legislative branch. I thanked the Melcoba at that time; I knew that given my poor family background, I would have never made it to here otherwise.

During this time, Melcoba was reaching its tentacles to everywhere in USI. Airline industries, public transportation, stock exchange, banks, and even largest supermarkets and fast food industry was bought by Melcoba Corporation. In fact, Melcoba has obtained every fast food industry in USI at this time, shifting and advising laws ever so slightly using its already-controlled lower house to ensure that foreign fast food corporation wasn’t even up to competition.

Melcoba was very careful at this time. It was getting too big, and it almost became known several times. However, in the end of the day, over 70% of all industries in USI was in some way or another consumed or in the process of consumption by Melcoba. And government… the legislative body was already becoming infected, with Judicial and executive body to follow.

One Last Resistance

By now, Melcoba Corporation has taken over much of executive branch, while its legislative branch’s Senate coming closer and closer to supermajority. With money that it earned from revising the antitrust law, the goal that Melcoba Co entered government for, Melcoba was now funded strongly to continue its rise to power. With its one and only enemy in the government, the investigation committee in executive branch and its leader Samuel L. Tomas, Melcoba was now ready to go official.

However, there was one more hurdle that Melcoba needed to pass: Judicial branch. With much of local executive, judicial, and legislative bodies almost all taken over and controlled, the Grand Court of Inerigo was the only obstacle in the way of Melcoba’s rise from shadows. …

And thus, much of judiciary branch was now taken over by much younger judges. Everyone in USI, including me, applauded at the reform. Now age limit was no more. I didn’t realize then that this would spell the doom for our country. Now everything was nearly conquered… It was time for Melcoba to go official.

The Rise of Nexus Incorporated

When was 59, Melcoba went official. However, it wasn’t Melcoba Corporation anymore. All its old members were gone, and much of the members of Melcoba were more or less new, younger officials who knew nothing but running a good business. It needed a new name for its superiority, and Melcoba, a thoughtless name, wasn’t going to cut it.

And thus was Nexus Incorporated created. Its rise was different from any old company. It rose with a bang to the world. A massive building was first built before Nexus Inc even went official… a headquarter of its arrival. That was the first of many Encrypted Cities, where the city had its own rules… and was basically like a money-giver to the government, which was in great need for funds.

Once the headquarter was done, Nexus was announced. In TV studies around the country, Nexus Incorporated introduced itself in its first Encrypted city of Nexus Sector 01, which now houses the new country’s largest population. It was like a start of new Dynasty in those mafia films. Every corporation that was secretly combined by Melcoba came to the ceremony of Nexus Inc’s birth. The son of Melcoba Co’s founder appeared and announced that Melcoba Co was now part of Nexus Incorporated. It was like a crowning ceremony. This in of itself shocked many of the executive branch members, who thought that they have concluded their investigation that Melcoba Co no longer existed and that it was by no way the center of massive network of corporations all working in a cartel-like fashion. However, it was too late. Melcoba revealed itself… and passed its power to Nexus Incorporated.

Once Melcoba passed the crown to Nexus, all other branch companies of Melcoba followed. Each corporate heads bowed their heads and pledged their allegiance to Nexus Inc, as well as giving up their sovereignty to Nexus Inc- a sovereignty that they never had. Nexus accepted them all, and new company was born with all the power of Melcoba Corporation, but it was official.

With lawsuits lost and constitution revised, Nexus Incorporated was now amended as a corporation that cannot be broken by USI constitution. President and what was left of the government was now in shock and awe. They did not expect this to happen. But Nexus was now and it was here to stay. Back then I attended the huge “birthday” party of Nexus Inc. Everyone who had its face known was there. Back then, I was happy. I was happy that everything was now going to be sleek and efficient… that Nexus was going to bring order to turmoil and unemployment that was stirring USI.

Fatal Error

Nexus R&D branch have discovered the end of USI when I was at the age of 63: automated factory. It did work of hundreds of men without the need for men. Everything, apart from maintenance and management, was automated. Its programs were written by Nexus, and distributed to every factory. …

What became clear to me was that unemployment soared thanks to this “new innovated technology.” And the people blamed the government for it. I had to wonder just who was the one that came up with this diabolical plan, but it worked. Nexus controlled all forms of media and all forms of government. What people didn’t see was that government was run by Nexus on purpose to create this unemployment rates, and that Nexus was hiring just enough to make its statistics look nice. It was during this time that Nexus started several of its Encrypted Cities projects. And they were clever to use this in the media as well. Nexus purposefully made the government disagree with it to start with, and made a big deal about it in the media where their lawyers steamrolled through the process in Grand Court of USI. …

Encrypted cities hired thousands into construction. For many laborers, this was their only income in few months. This made the people look up to Nexus as savior. They were doing something that wasn’t even touched by the government, that they were doing what government should: to create jobs in such a recession.

What people didn’t see was that this was just an illusion. Recession? Made up. Ineffective government? Made up. Judicial decision? Made up. Cause of unemployment? Made up. Everything was made up, a make-believe tale to make Nexus look good and USI look bad. …

I was shocked. This wasn’t why I supported Nexus. This wasn’t why Nexus was created. This was… what I signed up for. …

After much debate, I decided to leave the Nexus Inc. I burned my contract, and I had to pay for everything. I was in massive debt... I didn’t realize that how much I owed Nexus. It was enormous asset that I couldn’t pay even if I tried. …

Struggle for Independence

Nexus Inc was now a multinational corporation that had control of much of USI. Six Encrypted Cities were on the process of being built, and Nexus was now pushing out to other countries to obtain more market share. Almost everything that our citizens bought was funding this massive giant, and I was completely out of options. I and few others that left Nexus Inc were hopelessly swamped in debt: there wasn’t even enough for me to keep my family together. I thought of everything, even point to selling my two daughters into prostitution to pay for debts and fund my next political election. I had to do it. The masses were ignorant of the cruelty and deviousness of Nexus Inc. The people HAD to know.

When I was finally out of options, the government stepped in. The president George M. Law was able to pay for my debts with help of government spending which was secretly funneled by legislative body to fund a new program, which did not exist in reality. No, the program did exist. It was freedom. It was to destroy Nexus. It was to liberate USI’s citizens from corporate tyranny of Nexus Inc, starting from us, the politicians who knew Nexus and could fight against Nexus.

All the political parties that were not part of Nexus now joined into one political organization. We called ourselves The True Liberation Party, or TLP. Nexus didn’t respond in kind. They rather kept the old parties, and did not claim that they ran the government. After all, it was this ignorance that Nexus was able to keep the population to believe that it was their savior. But in reality, behind the media and veil of falsification, was two parties in USI: the TLP and Nexus.

We and TLP did everything to fight Nexus. However, we were out-funded and out-numbered. Many Legislative body as well as Judicial body were taken over by Nexus. So we started small from lower branches. …

After much struggle, we managed to get a solid foothold. We had support of some population, and we librated several counties as well as a state from Nexus Inc’s control. However, Nexus now noticed. Well, they knew before, but now this has gotten their attention. We have become an obstacle in their dominance. But worse, we have become an obstacle for their efficiency, which was their moto since their creation.

War Caused and War lost.

And thus, was our current president, President Jimmy J. Jones, unable to run for reelection in upcoming year. With revolution of 12 years, we couldn’t believe that it was happening. The committee was desperate to do anything to keep President Jones in office, however, due to most of the Senate, despite our best actions, were under control of Nexus Inc, we did not get the final draft of the bill ratified. Our revolution, which came all the way up to liberating lower house from the tyranny of Nexus Inc, was going to be ruined, as Jimmy was the only presidential candidate with enough support to run for reelection in TLP against Nexus’s numerous candidates.

With options exhausted, President and what little was left of executive cabinet not held by Nexus Inc made a joint decision to declare a martial law in the entire country of USI. Once the law was declared, the military, loyal to the bones towards Jimmy, an ex-five-star general of the army, rushed the capital city of Inerias, and took control of the Union House, a center of executive body, as well as First House, the presidential residence.

Before the one-sided battle ended, the judicial and legislative branch members escaped the capital city. The few military operatives as well as intelligence agency did their best to stall the army’s movements. With legislative and judicial branch members fled, the capital city was controlled by the president only. I and few senate members who were in TLP did our best to calm the citizens of in Inerias as well as to convince them that we were not at wrong here. And many of them listened, as news traveled faster and more truthfully in capital city than anywhere else.

Armies have started their movements, and President Jones was busy convincing the navy and airforce to join TLP’s side as well. The airforce, long suspicious of their superior’s business-oriented mindset, has joined TLP’s side. However, navy under direct order of Fleet Admiral Valarie E. Kwon, the member of the Nexus Inc and greatest individual stockholder of Nexus Inc at the time, did not join the president’s forces. In order to end this national conflict without causing international havoc, TLP’s army started its mobilization, moving to the First Encrypted City of Nexus Sector 01, where much of the Nexus Inc’s members as well as fled legislative and judicial body was.

How mistaken we are to take that step.

Nexus Inc was a deadly engine of destruction that we did not check. We should’ve seen through this. We just didn’t keep in mind that majority, if not all of intelligence and counterintelligence agencies in executive branch was not under control of the president. We just did not see how much military was Nexus capable of mobilizing. As the stage began to set, Nexus Armies of several thousand came. All of them were well-equipped and armed with latest weaponry that Nexus could get its hands on. Their heavy armor division, consisting of tanks imported from some of greatest arms manufacturing industry, was ready for war. The stage was set for the fight, and the Corporate v. Liberation war began.

We won the initial battle, pushing the enemies back to the Nexus Sector 01. However, we did not account for the fact that the Encrypted Cities were fortresses, with its buildings placed in a way to serve not only as a bunker and as a high ground, but also could be destroyed as a debris and blockade. Several sections of the roads were also capable of being set to serve advantageous for the defenders. The automated defense turrets were also an asset that we did not expect, decimating our small groups of infiltration teams. We were forced to retreat from the city, and start a bombing of the city.

That is where it all went wrong. …

We didn’t expect virtual warfare. And we paid severe price for it. Much of our weapons systems detonated before the aircrafts even left the airfields, and our payloads did not work properly, destroying the bombers before they could drop a single bomb. Stealth systems were completely useless, as the stealth fights and bombers were giving away their positions through transmissions as they flew. Everything about airforce went wrong, and the country’s entire airforce were obliterated in overnight.

After another brutal battle, we retreated back. We started losing ground as smaller, yet better armed Nexus army took toil on us. Security was also a rare thing. One issue given to a division seldom went to the division headquarters before being heard by the Nexus first. Nexus was as much efficient in warfare as they were in business. They were cold and calculative, often times using human lives as nothing but resources… a mean at which they can win wars in. They minimized spending and maximized profit… in warfare kind of sense. Every battle we fought was a loss, and every front we lost had a meaning. But we didn’t give up, we had to fight for the greater good of USI.

The war was lost. We just couldn’t defend ourselves from the superior might of Nexus. The battle took heavy toll on our soldiers, and a few divisions surrendered to Nexus Inc. We were now at the final battle. One that we knew that we would lose. However, the president himself, like the first president of USI, marched into the front lines with gun at his hand against the Nexus, rallying the troops. Every general participated in the war as well, contributing some ways into the war. We had to push Nexus back from Inerias, we had to.

We were pushed back to Inerias with heavy losses. The acting president was now Secretary of State, Robert E. Williams, who fortified the capital city of Inerias after he knew that the war would be lost. President also asked for help in different countries. Now our strategy turned 180, as we were now defending our own… to survive until help, which we didn’t even know were sent properly, arrived.

Siege of Inerias

Inerias was besieged for one week. During that time, Nexus was keen on propaganda, as they ran that megaphone twenty-four hours straight telling us to surrender. It went from annoying to convincing. …

The citizens were leaving, and now even soldiers were deserting their posts. They were all trying to get out of the city. They were all scared. They knew that what the megaphone spoke outside the city bounds were true: the bombardment of Inerias will start Friday.

And thus, I left Inerias, with in mind that if I failed, I would be giving up on everyone in the Inerias. I left, with three days deadline. …

I saw it in the news on the third day, as I was on the radio on a secure line with the president of Ouroso. The capital city of Inerias was bombed. Whatever was living in Inerias was living no more, and everything, including the brilliant architecture which were erected in Inerias, were bombed. What wasn’t bombed were moved, as various citizens and soldiers moved whatever they could before the city was filled with bombs. The next day, the bomb shelter was discovered, and everyone inside were executed for treason by Nexus Inc’s puppet government. Now, every part of my beloved government was no more. Everything was bought out by the corporation… everything was done. People supported this new rule, but they did not know the truth.

I was the only one left… and there was nothing I could do.

Going into Hiding

Writing of this book

Conclusion: The Truth

What I am trying to accomplish by writing this book is the truth. I want to spread nothing but truth and a weary message. Nexus Incorporated, the demonic spawn of Melcoba Corporation, is not this saint of a savior that everyone believes it is. Rather, it is a liar and a greedy corporation, who will force the entire population of USI into slavery. I want everyone to know and BEWARE. Beware of Nexus Incorporated. Beware of corporatcracy. And beware of the fall of USI… and its patriotism.

Incorporated States of Oscalantine

CEO of Oscalantine: Executor Nathanial Nestor Kwon

Management Head of Technology - Head Tony Max Kiwiki
Management Head of Programming - Head Lesana Victoria Melcoba
Management Head of Maintenance - Head George Alexander Kim

Military Manager of Navy - Fleet Admiral Valarie Esinstall Kwon
Military Manager of Army - General Judiciary Jimmy Thomas Lee
Military Manager of Airspace - [vacant]
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Shade Report
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