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 Nexus Incorporated Trade Catalogue

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Nexus Incorporated Trade Catalogue Empty
PostSubject: Nexus Incorporated Trade Catalogue   Nexus Incorporated Trade Catalogue EmptySun Oct 24, 2010 11:47 pm

Oscalantine Trade Catalogue

Raw Resources

  • Platinum
    • Price : $6,500/kg Standard (Selling pure [>80%] Platinum is controlled by Oscalantine)
    • Total Production : (Classified) Estimated 35 t/yr
    • Contracts : Whatever, However, and Whenever.
    • Description: Platinum is a precious rare metal with a lot of uses. It is naturally inert to most stimuli, making Platinum ideal metal for various applications. Added to the fact that it is malleable, ductile, dense, and durable metal, Platinum truly is worth more than its weight in Gold. Platinum’s applications could be seen everywhere, from use of jewelry to military-grade bullets. Platinum’s greatest use lies in fuel cells and batteries and its use in electronics.

  • Timber
    • Price : $45/kg Standard [color=green]($50/kg Processed Timber)
    • Total Production : 150t/yr
    • Contracts : Whatever, However, and Whenever.
    • Description: Timber is crucial in much of construction. It is also used for firewood, as well as manufacturing of various products.
      Oscalantine’s treated wood exceeds normal standard for treatment. It is usually treated with fire-resistance as well as fungal resistance. The quality product of this Processed Timber will also add only $5 extra for your budget. Get everything processed and given to you fully treated and ready for construction, or will you just save that pocket change and treat and process those woods yourself, which will cost you more than you would have saved? Your choice.

Information Technology

  • NxOS - VIII
    • Price : $399.99 ]Using Nexus Credit: 220 Credits]
    • Total Production : Capable of producing over 1 billion units yearly.
    • Contracts : Whatever, However, and Whenever.
    • Description: NxOS – VIII (Nexus OS8) is the latest Operating system in the market. Guaranteed exceedingly fast speed of processing information, its greatest advantage lies in friendly GUI as well as security. All the greats advantages of NxOs… well, go ahead and visit our website for detailed numbers.

  • Next Nexus Network
    • Price : $5,000,000 initial contract fee, $1,500,000 per month service fee. ]Using Nexus Credit: 3,000,000 Credits for initial, 800,000 Credits for service]
    • Total Production : Capable of laying down 100,000 miles monthly
    • Contracts : 10 year, 20 year, 30 year contract.
    • Description: The nnn (Next Nexus Network) is similar to www in terms of providing internet services, but it is entirely a different entity in terms of programming and wire. Because it runs on different encryption key than www, nnn is more secure in terms of hacking, as it is less-known and constantly updated security system. The nnn is a secure and fast, with its networks capable of transferring information even faster than fiber optic networks.
      The most interesting part of nnn is that while it has different encryption keys, using Nexian Adapters (comes with contract fees to the region), you can immediately translate and read http and www websites, which could be useful in accessing other websites. Nexian Adapters serve as an encrypting and decrypting agent, translating input and output into different languages as they are sent from nnn to www and vice versa.

      Purchase of nnn allows not only swift internet connection in your region, but it also allows secure network for your country to work in. Nnn also allows any country to contact Nexus Incorporated and purchase its good immediately, and allow swifter capital transfer using Nexus Credits. In other words, both countries will be conjoined in terms of capital transfer. Greater liquidity of capital will allow both nations to prosper greatly, although with a greater risk since more and more of the businesses will be conjoined.

  • Grania S
    • Price : $500 per unit. Can be adapted by any phone company (Each phone company must pay $250,000 contract fee monthly)
    • Total Production : 100,000 units monthly.
    • Contracts : Depends on Phone Company. Phone Companies can contract monthly contracts.
    • Description: Grania S is the most powerful Smartphone in existence, with processing power of most computers. It is small, slim and compact, capable of being carried easily while having enough screens to not have to squint at the pictures. Grania S provides LED screen as well as touchpad, allowing users to easily navigate through well-illustrated GUI projected by latest NxOS – VIII mobile. Grania S also utilizes nnn wireless, allowing swift access to nnn-registered websites for free, or using adaptor to go to www websites for a small fee.

      Grania S’s most unique feature is that all and any phone company can obtain this phone, as long as they give contract fees monthly. Individuals who doesn’t want to obtain Grania S via phone companies can also activate this phone via nnn using Nexus Incorporated, where they pay square fee of $50 monthly, which is basically cheaper than most phone deals you would get. Internet phones via Nexus will also grant you unlimited call hours, as well as unlimited texting with other Nexus internet phones. Each month you would also obtain 5 Nexus Credits to spend in the app stores in your Grania.

      Greatest advantage of Grania S is its security as a Smartphone. Due to nnn, it is difficult for Grania S to be hacked like many other Smartphones. However, greatest disadvantage of Grainia S is nnn, as without Nexian Adaptors set in the country, Grania S cannot access www internet websites.

  • Melcoba Juggernaut Core XI
    • Price : $15,000 per unit
    • Total Production : Classified
    • Contracts : None. All contracts are sealed whenever necessary.
    • Description: Melcoba Corporation’s greatest legacy, Melcoba Juggernaut Core, has reached generation 11. Melcoba Juggernaut Core, or MJC, is the by far the most powerful military-grade processor in the world, capable of processing information nearly equivalent to fifty times the processing speed of commercial computer processors (based on Intel Core i7). Its powerful processing engine allows military-grade technologies to have that edge against whatever that they are going against.

      MJC is used in different applications, its main uses includes missile guidance systems, artillery trajectory calculator, tanks, space engineering, and other types of military-grade machineries where cutting calculation and carefully executed plan goes the right way. MJC has built in cooling system, and it gives off little to no heat to start with, as powerful, yet surprisingly intricate electronics patented by Melcoba Corporation and inherited by Nexus Incorporated is proud of. MJC can run for several months straight without overheating, and can continue to function even when it has overheated for approximately two weeks at half of its optimal capacity thanks to its patented SiliconicSystemTM. MJC can also work overclocked state for approximately 72 hours while performing approximately three times its optimal efficiency. MJC’s greatest asset, however, lies in its GaiaNexTM Technology. GaiaNexTM allows MJC within several meter radiuses to work together, processing simple information that they commonly need simultaneously, freeing up spaces for other calculations to be done faster. This powerful technology allows any machinery to work faster and much more efficiently in any given time, given that there are multiple MJC around to work together.

      Melcoba Juggernaut Core is THE core of choice for your military-grade technology. Such fast, cold, calculative technology can easily decide the victory and defeat, as who always works efficiently wins the war. So make Melcoba Juggernaut Core YOUR choice of Processing System for your military-grade gadgets. Melcoba Juggernaut Core, moving machines like limbs since 1990.


  • AutomatonAeroXI
    • Price : 2 million Nexus Credits per unit [approx. $3.25 million]
    • Total Production : 500 units per month on normal (As Overclocked: Corporate Secret)
    • Armaments : LXVII laser-guided missiles, 50mm machine gun
    • OS installed : NxOS – VII, complete with Patch 5.05
    • Hardware : MJC X
    • Max Speed : Mach 2
    • Contracts : Whatever, However, and Whenever.
    • Description: AutomatonAeroXI is the eleventh generation air-superiority UAVS (Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle Systems) fitted for combat. Armed with latest technology that Nexus Incorporated could offer, AAXI is capable of flying at the speed of Mach 2 while maintaining the altitude of 20,000 meters. It can carry payload of four LXVII missiles, while still maintaining its optimal flight. The maximum payload that can be carried is approximately 1 ton, in which the speed and maximum altitude drops to about half of its optimal level.
      AAXI is different from its predecessors in its built-in countermeasure systems. It can detect and find a best trajectory to move away from enemy’s targeting systems to ensure maximum survival rate. AAXI’s greatest improvement is in this part. Unlike AAX, which were built without survival programming, was wasted easily in any missions. AAXI has various survival programs such as built-in countermeasures to ensure its maximum survival rate in war.
      AAXI is THE vehicle of choice for overwhelming the enemies with numbers, as well as unmanned operations that are dangerous as well as strategically keen. AA series are different from other UAVS in a way that it is delicate machinery, capable of judging between friend and foe as well as military and civilian personnel in times of conflict. Make AAXI your choice for your UAVS today!

  • AutomatonReconXX
    • Price : 7.5 million Nexus Credits per unit [approx. $12.154 million]
    • Total Production : 20 units per month on normal (As Overclocked: Corporate Secret)
    • Armaments : None, although capable of being armed with ODB (Orbital Drop Bomb)
    • OS installed : NxOS – VII, complete with Patch 5.05
    • Hardware : MJC X
    • Max Speed : Mach 4
    • Contracts : Tightly Restricted. Needs private contract to purchase
    • Description: The ARXX is UAVS capable of high-altitude surveillance and bombing. ARXXis armed not with weapons, usually, but with different kinds of surveillance cameras similar to those found in military satellites today. Capable of rising up in the high altitudes of 30,000 meters, ARXX can survey the surroundings without fear of most countermeasure weaponry. Using the Scramjet engine, ARXX is capable of staying up in the air for approximately three days (68 hours). Its armor and design is slightly different from most UAVS to accommodate for the high-attitude travel, in which it also is relatively fragile when hit. ARXX’s greatest feature is its surveillance systems, which can give diverse footage of different regions using different visions, such as infrared and ultraviolet. ARXX is also capable of serving as temporary satellite, as it can support complex wiring to create a virtual line of communication.
      Although considered cost inefficient, ARXX can be called upon for ODB, or Orbital Drop Bomb. This is caused when ARXX drops a large and heavy metallic object from its maximum altitude down to the city, creating a miniature meteor. This, coupled with explosives, could cause great damage in a limited area without ever having to get bombers in the city. However, this method greatly damages the vehicle, as being in such high altitudes while releasing its loads could cause ARXX to plummet down and destroy itself. With such high casualty rating resulting from ODB (over 90%), and considering the high cost of production, ARXX’s ODB should only be used when benefit outweighs the cost.

  • AutomatonAeroXII
    • Price : 10 million Nexus Credits per unit
    • Total Production : 100 units per month on normal (As Overclocked: Corporate Secret)
    • Armaments : CtlVII Calculation-Guided Missile, 80mm Heavy Machine Gun
    • OS installed : NxOS – VII, complete with Patch 5.05
    • Hardware : MJC XI, complete with GaiaNex Update
    • Max Speed : Mach 3.5
    • Contracts : Restricted heavily
    • Description: AutomatonAeroXII is THE latest technology that Oscalantine has to offer. It is powerful UAVS that mimics the very soul of the pilots that control the skies. All the function of this UAV has been increased from the previous AAXI UAVS. It has max speed of Mach 3.5, a speed unheard of by any other UAVS. While we have fiddled with the idea of creating similar-sized vehicle as AAXI, we have decided that AAXII will have a different shape from the traditional UAVS with triangular-shaped plane design, allowing for better speed and larger cargo space. This allowed AAXII to carry total of 8 missiles, instead of 3 maximum carried by AAXI. Larger cargo space also meant far better gun to be mounted. AAXII contains 80 mm Heavy Machine Gun during the cases of dogfight. AAXII is also no longer all-purpose aircraft, but instead have been re-purposed into fighter-specific air-superiority fighter.

      AAXII's true strength comes in numbers. Using GaiaNex technology, AAXII can process information that will otherwise need much more space into divided processes, allowing AAXII to work better in groups. They usually form "shark pack" formation and engage the enemies two on one, and attack using simultaneous attacks. AAXII is armed with not LXVII laser-guidance missile, but CtlVII Calculation-Guided Missile, which is guided by AAXII calculating potential trajectory and controlling the missile based on the sensor output. MJC XI also allows AAXII to control lesser AA series, as long as they are allowed to do so. They can order AA series lesser than AAXII into various strategic actions. All in all, these deadly fliers are the latest of "fly and forget" UAVS that allows any nation to take control of the skies quickly.

[[Thanks Ras, for your skele... wait, maybe I did I ask if I can use it?]]

Incorporated States of Oscalantine

CEO of Oscalantine: Executor Nathanial Nestor Kwon

Management Head of Technology - Head Tony Max Kiwiki
Management Head of Programming - Head Lesana Victoria Melcoba
Management Head of Maintenance - Head George Alexander Kim

Military Manager of Navy - Fleet Admiral Valarie Esinstall Kwon
Military Manager of Army - General Judiciary Jimmy Thomas Lee
Military Manager of Airspace - [vacant]
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Nexus Incorporated Trade Catalogue
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