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 Oscalantine Military Might

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PostSubject: Oscalantine Military Might   Mon Oct 25, 2010 4:15 am

Oscalantine Military

Oscalantine Military is divided into four main parts: Airforce, Navy, Army, and UCV

Expenditures : $1.759 Trillion (25% of nation's GDP)
Population : 199.0 million
Manpower :
  • Percentage: 5% of the population
  • Number: 9,950,000 men total
  • Active: 2,487,500 men active
  • Reserve: 7,462,500 men in reserve*

*Reserves in Oscalantine works differently. They are those that have been selected as physically capable of handling intense training, or is part of mercenary forces. These numbers do not actually amount to number of military that Oscalantine can count upon during times of war.

Reserves in Oscalantine also divides into two parts: Battle and Strategic. Battle faction focuses on getting soldiers into battle-ready state, while Strategic faction focuses more on programming and technologies. Both Strategic and Battle faction are capable of utilizing vehicles, such as manning tanks or aircraft. However, Strategic factions are more focused on Unmanned drones than being up and personal in the heat of battle.

Reserves(battle) :
  • Reserves in Training: 500,000 men in training
  • Reserves completed Training: 200,000 men completed training
  • Reserves capable of deployment: 75,000 men capable of deployment**
  • Total number of Mercenary in Training: 400,000 men in training
  • Mercenary capable of deployment: 650,000 men capable of deployment***

**Those capable of deployment are constantly under high tension. They are highly disciplined, battle-ready combatants that have completed the intense training of 3 years worth. They are stationed at various military installation as well as Encrypted Cities. They are armed with state-of-the-art weapons and are capable men ready to fight any war.
***Although not as battle-ready, mercenaries are sort of hired guns for various operations. Their talents varies, and they lack discipline. However, their quick thinking could get them out of tricky situations. Mercenaries' armaments depends on their funding, and they work all over the world to enforce law and order for whoever wishes to hire them.

Reserves(Strategic) :
  • Reserves in Training: 50,000 men in training
  • Reserves completed Training: 7,000 men completed training
  • Reserves capable of deployment: 3,000 men ready for deployment


Oscalantine's army is split into two factions: Corporate and National.
National Army has 7 Legions, and they consist of approximately of 150,000 soldiers. Each of these Legions further divides into 10 divisions, which consists of 10,000 men. Each individual Legion decides how to split the troops after that, as Legion serves different purpose.
While National Army faction has larger numbers, the Corporate army is truly an army feared in Oscalantine. Consisting of only battle-hardened veterans who have volunteered into fierce combat training, they only consist of 100,000 soldiers. While smaller than three Divisions, Corporate Army is armed with best of weapons and best of armors. Once Corporate Army has been deployed, Oscalantine has hard-pressed to fear any push coming from that region. Corporate Army doesn't necessarily have ranks. They are deployed in number that they will be best suited to work best in.

Armored and Heavy Armored divisions are part of the Army, and they are ONLY part of National faction. These consists of Tanks, Jeeps, and otherwise moving armored vehicles.
Corporate Army does not have Armored or Heavy Armored divisions. However, depending on their judgement, they can easily call upon these armor or heavy armor strikes in certain regions.

National Army :
  • Total size: 1,300,000 men
  • Total soldiers: 1,100,000 men
  • Total Armor units: 40,000 units manned by 50,000 men
  • Armor division units:
    • 4-Wheeled Vehicle: Dynasty 153 All-Terrain 4WD
    • Terraformer: Maker 01 TerraRemaker
    • 2-Wheeled Vehicle: Beta7 Armored Cycle
    • Light Tank: GattlerTom 03 Mobile Turret (also serves as anti-air in situations)
    • Amphibious: Merman 14 Amphibious Tank
  • Total Heavy Armor units: 25,000 units manned by 50,000 men
  • Heavy Armor division units:
    • Tank: Britherian 05 Main Battle Tank
    • Artillery: Barnibas 61 SmartGuidance Artillery
    • Heavy Artillery: Maokao 47 SmartGuidance Heavy Artillery
    • Anti-Air: AeroDown 17 Anti-Air Platform

Corporate Army :
  • [Corporate Secret]


Airforce in Oscalantine is the weakest branch of Oscalantine. However, they do boast world-class fire support thanks to many gunship platforms developed by Nexus Incorporated. This branch is also second most growing military branch, with over 30% of all reserves volunteering to the sky to support the fighter planes that is to come.

Oscalantine AirForce :
  • Total size: 120,000 men
  • Total soldiers: 10,000 men
  • Total Altitude Planes: 500 units manned by 500 men, 10,000 men accounted for but not manning any
  • Altitude Planes:
    • Fighter: Firefly 1999 air superiority fighter
    • Bomber: none

  • Total Air Platforms: 90,000 units manned by 100,000 men
  • Air Platforms:
    • Gunships: InsaneSue V-2 Gunship
    • Heavy Gunship: JokesOnU IX Mobile Weapon Station
    • Heavy Transport: Pikaboo Z-III Heavy Transport
    • Light Transport: UJest V-5 Light Transport
    • Spy: ICU V-15 SpyChopper


Navy is Oscalantine's pride and joy. Oscalantines boast that their navy is best there is in the sea. Most of Oscalantine's navy has been replaced over the years with submarines, with few state of the art frigates and destroyers to protect the advanced aircraft carriers. Submarines of Oscalantine is almost all nuclear submarines, and Oscalantine Navy's superweapon is Stealth Submarines, which is largest class (typhoon class submarine) that has capacity to avoid sonar detection much like stealth fighters being able to avoid radar detection.

Oscalantine SeaByte :
  • Total size: 1,000,000 men
  • Total soldiers: 120,000 men
  • Ships: 2,500 units manned
  • Ships:
    • Patrol Boat: LifeLine V Patrol Boat
    • Frigate: Threatener VII Frigate
    • Corvettes: TSD (The Small Dude) III Corvette
    • Aircraft Carrier: TheCorporate XIII Aircraft Carrier (60 available)

  • Total Submarines: 4,000 units manned
  • Submarines:
    • Submarine Cruiser: FoolKill IV Submarine Cruiser
    • Long-Ranged Submarines: FarAfar XIV Long-Ranged Bullistics Submarine
    • MissilePlatform Submarine: FairyTale XVII Submerged Weapons Platform
    • StealthSub: TheIncorporate XXX Stealth Submarine (3 available, 1 in construction)
      • IncS The Naughty One
      • IncS The Shrugging One
      • IncS The Whiny One
      • IncS The Challenging One[Under Construction]

Unmanned Combat Vehicles

Oscalantine is currently at the top of UCV technology, with ages of practice and discipline. Its Automaton Systems have been known to constantly improve over the years from simple theory into a full-fledged division of Oscalantine. Due to automated processes and obtaining much of its materials from within the country, Oscalantine's UCV is cheaply and easily produced to be sent into front lines. UCV's advantage is to not only to fill the gaps of strength that Oscalantine faces with its enemies with much larger population, but UCV is also capable of achieving feats that are impossible for human pilots. UCV can operate in impossible conditions such as traveling for three days straight as well as being able to duck and fly in nearly vertical degrees without losing control.

UCV of Oscalantine is divided into three division, although two divisions are experimental at this time: air, ground, sea. While ground and sea UCV is still in experimental stages, UCV of air, the UCAVS, are capable of immediate deployment.

UCV are capable of accomplishing the tasks by themselves, but operators are standby whenever they are deployed to ensure their higher percentage of success in every mission. UCV division also houses Cyber Warfare division, which consists of members highly skilled in breaking through enemy's computer systems and disrupting their war-machines as well as obtaining useful data.

Oscalantine Automaton :
  • Total size: uncounted for.
  • Total soldiers: none
  • Total operators: 43,500 operators operational
  • Total UCAVS (air): 20,000 units operational
  • UCAVS:
    • Patrol: AutomatonReconXX
    • Fighter: AutomatonAeroXI and AutomatonAeroXII
    • Bomber: Still under Experiment
    • Experimental UCAVS
      • AutomatonAeroXIII: In Theory
      • AutomatonCarpetI: Field Testing
      • AutomatonReconXXI: In Theory
  • Total UCGVS (ground): 0 units operational
  • UCGVS:
    • Ground Superiority: Under Experiment
    • Mobile Turret Platform: Under Development
    • Anti-air Platform: Under Experiment
  • Total UCSVS (sea): 15 units operational
  • UCSVS:
    • Patrol Boat: Under Development
    • Sumbarine: Field Testing
    • Frigate: Under Developement

Notice: "Under Development" means that the weapon system has been proven possible and is currently in the middle of construction of prototype. "Under Experiment" means that the weapon system has not been proven possible and is currently still under blueprint area.

UCV division's Cyber Warfare Faction (CWF) are like part of intelligence agency. They collect data form various nations by hacking into the systems. They are usually more of "web surfers," not doing anything illegal to obtain the data and information. However, once "mobilization" order is given, they hack and crack into the servers of enemy countries and destroys the country from inside. CWF is also responsible for countering enemy hack division, as they UCVs are very vulnerable to potential cyber attacks. Oscalantine has the best funded and best manned cyber division, and they are very proud of this fact.
CWF further divides into two sections: National and Corporate. As with the army, National division is larger in number, but they are overall less talented and little less equipped for cyber warfare than Corporate CWF. Corporate CWF also moves around freely and sets up wireless links around the world, like an undercover agents. Some say that Corporate CWF is the Oscalantine's response to spies that are sent by other, less digitally-forward nations.

Oscalantine CWF :
  • Total size: 24,000
  • Total soldiers: 2,000 men on guard duty
  • Total National: 17,000 hackers operational
  • Total Corporate: 5,000 hackers operational

Incorporated States of Oscalantine

CEO of Oscalantine: Executor Nathanial Nestor Kwon

Management Head of Technology - Head Tony Max Kiwiki
Management Head of Programming - Head Lesana Victoria Melcoba
Management Head of Maintenance - Head George Alexander Kim

Military Manager of Navy - Fleet Admiral Valarie Esinstall Kwon
Military Manager of Army - General Judiciary Jimmy Thomas Lee
Military Manager of Airspace - [vacant]
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Posts : 542
Join date : 2010-10-22
Age : 27
Location : Seoul, South Korea

Honor: Advanced RPer

PostSubject: Re: Oscalantine Military Might   Mon Jul 04, 2011 9:21 am



Ihazctl LIII Automaton Overseer Unit


Gngbng XIII USVS Carrier

Rckwd XIII Thermal Boat

Incorporated States of Oscalantine

CEO of Oscalantine: Executor Nathanial Nestor Kwon

Management Head of Technology - Head Tony Max Kiwiki
Management Head of Programming - Head Lesana Victoria Melcoba
Management Head of Maintenance - Head George Alexander Kim

Military Manager of Navy - Fleet Admiral Valarie Esinstall Kwon
Military Manager of Army - General Judiciary Jimmy Thomas Lee
Military Manager of Airspace - [vacant]
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Oscalantine Military Might
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