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 Queen Jeny convenes

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PostSubject: Queen Jeny convenes   Queen Jeny convenes EmptyMon Oct 25, 2010 6:09 am

Several hours ago, Queen Jeny convened the Parliament. The Queen asked, "Should we continue the war or not?" and after 60 minutes discussion of the Parliament, the Prime Minister responded, "Your Majesty, we don't like to continue the war. We are now cutting the budget for the military". Then, the Queen said, "If we will surrender, just think of what will be our reputation in the International Community. And because of that reputation, our economy will fall".

"But, Your Majesty, our nation is suffering from the f*cking disease. We will just transfer the funds from military to health care" the PM responded.

"No, I really think we should continue the war" the Queen said

"Well then, Members of the House, let us vote of impeaching Queen Jeny!"

"What? You can't impeach me! I am DISSOLVING THIS PARLIAMENT" the Queen said loudly

After that, the guards arrested everybody in the Parliament and executed them in their own offices. The Queen then said to the Secretary of Defense, "Don't you dare lie to me! Do you think we should continue the war?"

"Well, uh, No, Your Majesty. Just don't sign the Declaration of Peace. Just continue the peace talk with Rasvidi and ask for reparations" the Secretary of Defense said nervously

"Well then, I shall follow your suggestion" the queen said.
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Holy Edesu SocialistState
Holy Edesu SocialistState

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PostSubject: Re: Queen Jeny convenes   Queen Jeny convenes EmptyMon Oct 25, 2010 8:27 am

[You can also always expand onto the Western Island.]

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Queen Jeny convenes
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