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 Regarding: Threads and Posting Procedures

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Isis Rakael

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Regarding: Threads and Posting Procedures Empty
PostSubject: Regarding: Threads and Posting Procedures   Regarding: Threads and Posting Procedures EmptyTue Oct 26, 2010 7:48 pm


I realize that the OOC conversation is a part of RPing and I'm glad it takes place. However, there is a time and a place for it all. Posting a random OOC comment in a thread when you have absolutely nothing relevant to say is not acceptable. Keep your comments to yourself.

Also, and I cannot stress this enough, SPECIFY WHEN YOU ARE SPEAKING OUT OF CHARACTER. Use parenthesis [ex. ( )] or brackets (ex. [ ]) and type "OOC:" within them. This ensures that everyone knows when you are in and out of character.

I'm tired of seeing infractions regarding both of these simple basic principles. I had assumed that a thread was not necessary, but apparently it is.


Nations are allowed to keep a "News" thread in the National section of the RP forum. These threads are there for the nation to issue reports and statements regarding any number of nationally-related items.

Please refrain from making multiple threads containing posts that would be better off being in your "News" thread.

Anything happening in your nation or concerning your nation should be made in your News thread. There is no reason to make 10 threads for 10 different events. Consolidate everything in ONE thread.

Internatioanl threads are a different matter. Members may make multiple threads in the International section, provided that they are legitimately RP-related and do not pertain to any RP events currently being discussed in another thread.

As I stated in the RP guide, I know we're not all award-winning authors, but for the love of all that is good, put some effort into your posts. That means refraining from your beloved smiley faces and "lols" and whatever else you litter your posts with. It really lessens the effect of the RP and promotes a sense of unprofessionalism.

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Regarding: Threads and Posting Procedures
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