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 King's son named Regent!

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New Numair

New Numair

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King's son named Regent! Empty
PostSubject: King's son named Regent!   King's son named Regent! EmptyThu Oct 28, 2010 12:54 am

Hiruharama, New Numair- King Nu I, announced today that his son, Crown Prince TeKimiti will be made Regent, the announcement was made in Parliament today attended by His Majesty, HRH Crown Prince, will now be mostly in charge of the goings on in the country while his father will still be King, His Majesty has been ruling since 1956, and is 75 years old, his son the Crown Prince is 49 and rumors are flowing around New Numair that King Nu may abdicate next year in favor of his son
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King's son named Regent!
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