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 Cartography Application

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PostSubject: Cartography Application   Cartography Application EmptyTue Nov 02, 2010 2:10 pm

This thread includes a template for a Cartography Application that users can fill out and post in a new thread.

There are some basic requirements that must be met before your application can be considered;
1. You must have been an active member for at least one month (this means participating in roleplay and such)
2. Your nation must be on the map
3. You must be willing to honour changes to the map that you may not like or agree with

Here is the form

Member since:
Reason for joining:
Sample map: (here you will include a link or image of a map that you yourself have made, to gauge your skill level at creating maps)

My maps are created and edited using GIMP, so I expect that you will learn to use it or download it (it's completely free). You should know how to use image layers, as they are invaluable. There will be two versions of every map, a .xcf map version that includes all the layers intact for easy editing, and a .png map version that has had all the layers flattened into a single image so that it can be uploaded to imageshack.

For the application I will only be expecting the .png version of your map, since it would be an unnecessarily complicated process to try and upload or link the .xcf version.

Remember to post the application in a new thread. This thread will be locked to prevent people from replying to it.

Cartography Application Rasvidicoatofarmssig
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Cartography Application
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