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 Gracealonian Expansion

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PostSubject: Re: Gracealonian Expansion   Gracealonian Expansion - Page 2 EmptyMon Nov 22, 2010 11:54 pm

Upon orders the charging Malabians were only killed if absolutely necessary. Only about 30% were killed and the rest were captured and sent to various federal prisons on charges of terrorism. Upon closer examination of the weapons left in the caves it was apparent that LexCo had been supplying Malabia with weapons as well as stealing the resources of Gracealona. Government action would be taken against LexCo soon.

It was also announced about a week later that Mount EverLast and the surrounding area would be designated a national park and a monument to Malabia and its culture would be constructed at the base of the mountain. Near the monument a museum would also be constructed where Malabian items would be put on display.

The infrastructure construction projects began once again and soon people began to move into the new lands and establish towns and cities. When the strip mines left by LexCo were reached it was soon decided to try and make the best of the situation. It would take years and millions of lotas to fill the mines back in and plant trees to re-vegetate the land. Instead the mines would be adapted to be used as reservoirs that could be used to supply water to the new cities as well as recreation for citizens of the new lands.

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Gracealonian Expansion
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