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 Citizens Protest Castration Practices

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Citizens Protest Castration Practices Empty
PostSubject: Citizens Protest Castration Practices   Citizens Protest Castration Practices EmptyWed Nov 17, 2010 6:53 pm

Following a highly publicized trial of Jari Mallat, a serial rapist that took advantage of the North Sea Conflict to sexually assault over 150 women and tried as a war criminal, and his subsequent sentence of chemical castration and rehabilitation, there has been an outcry from the public to change this aspect of the judicial system. It is standard for sexual offenders and violent criminals in Rasvidi to be castrated and then rehabilitated for reintroduction into society. This practice stems back hundreds of years, and has been proven effective in reducing violent, aggressive and sexual behaviour. Criminals who undergo castration usually go through a significant personality change, wherein they become much more docile and generally happy as a result of low sex hormones. The chances of reoffending are so low that it has only been documented a handful of times in the long history of castration, and it has acted as an effective deterrent for criminal behaviour.

However, the barbaric nature of the practice has increasingly drawn the ire of human rights groups in Rasvidi. Notable examples of individuals later proven innocent after having undergone castration have garnered the practice intense negative stigma in recent years, and after the conclusion of the election many groups felt that they could now begin pressuring the government on this issue. Protests have been organized in Ulyanovsk, some of the only peaceful protests to take place in decades, and public support for these groups appears to be growing.

The Chairman has acknowledged the concerns of the protestors, however he has stated that the practice will continue and his party will vote down any bills introduced to change this. He has pointed to scientific findings to support it's continued application, and criticized protest groups for being poorly informed on the topic. He has pointed out that castrating these offenders prevents them from reproducing and spreading their genetic information into the gene pool.

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Citizens Protest Castration Practices
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