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Rasvidi has several major ethnic groups, each of which has developed largely independently with different histories and cultures. Despite this, there are undeniable and significant similarities between these cultures and societies, allowing these ethnic groups to identify with a greater and more encompassing Rasvidi ethnicity. Each ethnic group has it's own language dialects, all more or less adapted from Old Saamic over time with loanwords from other languages. Similarly, they have unique naming styles and conventions, which can quickly denote a person's ethnic background based on their name. However, these differences are becoming less defined as ethnic groups in Rasvidi become more mixed.

There are four major ethnic groups within Rasvidi. Notably, there are no naturally red-haired, orange-haired or rusty-haired individuals within these genetic groups except for interracial individuals descended from a non-Rasvidi parent. Similarly, there have been no documented cases of green eyed individuals.


The Saamic people are the most numerous ethnic group in Rasvidi, and reside mostly within the Volkhov Republic and West Mordivia and to a lesser extent the Komi Republic. Smaller communities are also present elsewhere in the country. They tend to be short, with men averaging 5'9" and women 5'6", and they have fair skin. The most common hair colour in this group is blonde, and the most common eye colour is blue or grey. They typically have finnish sounding names, and their language, Saamic, is very similar to the finnish language. Having traditionally held positions of power over the region, the attitude towards those of Saamic descent by the rest of the country can sometimes be negative or resentful. Saamic people are stereotyped as being arrogant, smug, manipulative, cunning and are thought to make the best diplomats and leaders.


The second most populous ethnic group, the Permyak dominate the central republics, with significant communities in West Mordivia and Volkhov. They are thought to most closely resemble the original inhabitants of the Rasvidi highlands. They are tall people, with men averaging around 6'2" and women around 6'0", and have even lighter skin then the Saamic, sometimes described as icy or snow coloured, or sometimes even as being almost translucent. The most common hair colour in this group is black, with the most common eye colour being brown. They typically have russian sounding names, and their language, while sounding mostly finnish, has significant russian sounding words. They have frequently been taken advantage of by the other ethnic groups, and are sometimes referred to pejoratively as "invisible people". They are stereotyped as being dull, docile, passive and are frequently seen as little more then a source of labour. Some of the most noted leaders in Rasvidi history have been Permyak however, such as Venedikt Pralnikov.


The Bashkir are the third most populous ethnic group. They dominate the Pazyryk Republic, with significant communities in the Volkhov and Abkhaz Republics, and to a lesser extent in the Vaeringjar Republic. They are similar in height to the Saamic, with men averaging around 5'11" and women around 5'8", with the darkest skin of the Rasvidi ethnicities, described being olive toned. The most common hair colour in this group is black, and the most common eye colour is brown. They typically have turkish sounding names, and likewise their language sounds somewhat turkish, but still mutually intelligible with Saamic. Historically, they have had large conquering empires and notoriously enslaved the other ethnic groups during the height of the Abkhaz Caliphate. They are stereotyped as being strong, violent, aggressive, intelligent and are thought to make the best soldiers and generals.


While the least populous of the major ethnic groups, the Izhorians are possibly the loudest. They dominate the Vaeringjar and Udmurt republics, with significant communities in West Mordivia and isolated enclaves elsewhere. They are the shortest of the ethnic groups, with men average a mere 5'5" and the women a dimunitive 5'1", however they tend to be somewhat wider and stockier owing to the cold climate that dominates the Phanagorian Mountains. They have a similar skin tone to the Saamic, and likewise they usually have blonde hair but are unusual in having predominately violet coloured eyes. They typically have nordic or norse sounding names, and have the most distinct language within Rasvidi, being only barely mutually intelligible with the other languages. Historically they have been somewhat isolated, but have never been violently or aggressively conquered. Instead, they have persistently resisted attacks by using the mountains to their advantage, and have only ever relinquished sovereignty through diplomatic means. They have fought many long, brutal wars with the Bashkir, and still have a lingering border dispute between Vaeringjar and Pazyryk. They are stereotyped as being strong, warriors, tenacious, industrious, having high endurance and making superb soldiers and labourers. They are also known for their high tolerance of alcohol and rampant drinking.

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