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 Political Parties

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Until recently, organized political parties were illegal in Rasvidi, as were elections. This was part of the "post-revolutionary government" period, an extended period of time after revolution where Rasvidi was to concentrate more on rebuilding and reestablishing itself then on building democratic establishments. This ultimately led to the passage of anti-religion legislation, designed to subvert lingering loyalist groups and execute their leaders and prominent members. Despite this, the constitution outlined a comprehensive and effective government structure since it's inception, and the post-revolutionary period was never intended to be permanent. While Venedikt Pralnikov could have ended it at any time, instead he chose to prolong this post-revolutionary period until his death. While this choice has been harshly criticized by the international community, it nonetheless has ensured that the new Rasvidi has grown into one of the great powers of Tiberiam and is highly praised within Rasvidi, with Pralnikov regarded in an almost saintly or godly manner.

After his death and the conclusion of the North Sea Conflict, elections were finally held in Rasvidi, the first time in over 700 years, since the fall of the Phanagorian Republic before it became the Kingdom of Vaeringjar, and eventually chose to join the growing Commonwealth of Rasvidi. When the elections were announced, four political parties formed to rival the well established and long-running People's Party. In the resulting election, the People's Party lost narrowly to the Progressive Party, due in part to the perceived ineptitude of Vladimir Ovseyenko during the North Sea Conflict.

The People's Party
Platform: Center-Right
# of Seats: 139 (39.8%) PC; 99 (89.6%) NC
Leader: Boris Demichev (71)
Description: The ruling part of Rasvidi for more then 60 years, the People's Party tends to favor more conservative policies. However, they do see room for improvement, realizing that Rasvidi must move forwards and develop. They support a more isolationist and neutral foreign policy, and domestically would prefer to keep things similar to the post-revolutionary period. They have lukewarm support for religious freedoms, feeling uneasy about giving potential loyalists group protection, but seeing it as a necessary step in a growing society and for international credibility. They support active trade with the nations of Tiberiam, however they have taken the stance that they would not like to get involved in international conflicts unless they threatened Rasvidi directly.

The Progressive Party
Platform: Center-Left
# of Seats: 163 (46.7%) PC; 12 (10.4%) NC
Leader: Väinö Nakashidze (47)
Description: Roaring into power not long after it formed, the Progressive Party currently forms the nation's government. While it dominates in a small lead in the lower council, forming a minority government, it is vastly outnumbered by the People's Party in the National Council. They prefer open dialogue with neighbouring countries, to form a strong community, and support the Eastern Union treaty. They believe in interventionalism when Rasvidi's interests are at stake, and are willing to send aid to more desperate parts of the world. They also support lifting religious restrictions and allowing religion to be practiced freely, but still bar it's involvement from political or federal matters. They also support legislation to suppress potentially threatening religious organization from taking place.

The Nationalist Party
Platform: Far Right
# of Seats: 40 (11.3%) PC; 0 (0%) NC
Leader: Annaliisa Haapakoski (52)
Description: Vehement nationalists and patriots, the Nationalist Party supports far right-wing policies, sometimes to an extreme. They support complete isolationism, including restricted or prohibited foreign trade with severe tariffs. They have also spoken positively of expansion into neighbouring territory, to the expensive of other nations. They believe that religion has no place in the world, and have sometimes spoken in frighteningly eugenic overtones about various religious groups. They are known for their misinformation and propaganda campaigns aimed at discrediting opponents and generating fear of opposing platforms.

The Libertarian Party
Platform: Far Left
# of Seats: 7 (1.9%) PC; 0 (0%) NC
Leader: Ragnar Hylgaard (64)
Description: The Libertarians are people who devote themselves to human and civil rights causes. They support adopting constitutional amendments to reflect those of other nations, allowing for total and utter equality amongst the people of Rasvidi. While they support keeping religion separate from politics, they do not believe it should result in fines or jail time, instead focusing on termination of the offender from his or her employment, and only if their beliefs greatly interfere with their professional or political life. They also support actively seeking amnesty with Edo Edi Essum, and forging positive trade and relations with all the nations of Tiberiam.

The Pralnikov Party
Platform: Right
# of Seats: 1 (0.3%) PC; 0 (0%) NC
Leader: Gülbahar Küçük (58)
Description: Compared to a personality cult, the Pralnikov Party superficially advocates maintaining the policies of the post-revolutionary period, or more specifically the policies of Venedikt Pralnikov. Supporters, including the party leader, tend to be more eccentric however. The party leader has even gone so far as to dress up in similar outfits and uniforms as the ones worn by Venedikt Pralnikov during his speeches. He advocates that the electoral process be abolished, religion remain outlawed, and a Rasvidi-first foreign policy.

Political Parties Rasvidicoatofarmssig
The United People's Republics of Rasvidi
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Political Parties
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