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 Economy and government information

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New Numair

New Numair

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Economy and government information Empty
PostSubject: Economy and government information   Economy and government information EmptySat Nov 20, 2010 6:25 pm


Government Category: Father Knows Best State
Government Priority: Social Welfare
Economic Rating: Very Strong
Civil Rights Rating: Average
Political Freedoms: Rare
Income Tax Rate: 18%
Major Industry: Gambling
National Animal: New Numair Tiger
National Currency: New Numair Dollar
Total Population: 1,089,000,000


Administration: $39,128,806,728.00 1%
Social Welfare: $899,962,554,744.00 23%
Healthcare: $665,189,714,376.00 17%
Education: $626,060,907,648.00 16%
Religion & Spirituality: $430,416,874,008.00 11%
Defence: $0.00 0% (this is very worrying, my government needs to spend more on defence!)
Law & Order: $626,060,907,648.00 16%
Commerce: $352,159,260,552.00 9%
Public Transport: $234,772,840,368.00 6%
The Environment: $39,128,806,728.00 1% (the environment is much need help at the moment my government needs to get to action over this!)
Social Equality: $0.00 0% (this is also very worrying, my government must do something to fix this issue!)


Exchange Rate: 1.3263 numair dollars = $1
Gross Domestic Product: $16,674,420,873,758.85
GDP Per Capita: $15,311.68
Unemployment Rate: 5.83%
Consumption: $12,987,501,120,000.00
Government Budget: $4,347,645,192,000.00
Government Expenditures: $3,912,880,672,800.00
Goverment Waste: $434,764,519,200.00
Exports: $1,865,670,490,958.85
Imports: $2,091,631,410,000.00
Trade Deficit: $225,960,919,041.15

Spencer Stanley
Prime Minister of the Allied Royal Provinces of New Numair
Foreign Minister of the Allied Royal Provinces of New Numair

King Nu I
King of the Allied Royal Provinces of New Numair

Crown Prince TeKimiti
Regent of the Allied Royal Provinces of New Numair

"The Royal National Anthem"
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Economy and government information
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