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 political parties of New Numair

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New Numair

New Numair

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political parties of New Numair  Empty
PostSubject: political parties of New Numair    political parties of New Numair  EmptySat Nov 20, 2010 6:50 pm

political parties in New Numair are allowed but must be approved by his Majesty, the King

(Major Parties of New Numair) (3 Major parties)

1. The New Numair National Party (NNNP) (nicknamed "The Nat Party")

Leader: Spencer Stanley (current Prime Minister)

the National Party is the current ruling party of New Numair after the 1496 general elections, the party is center right and is supported by the businessmen, the current leader, Spencer Stanley, is one of the richest men in New Numair and the Nats gain support from the population of New Numair who wanted change of government after nine years of Royalist and Labour rule.

2. the New Numair Royalist Party (NNRP) (nicknamed "His Majesty's Party")

Leader: Kevin TeKooti (current leader of the opposition)

The Royalist Party is the current opposition party of New Numair after losing by 10 votes in the 1496 general elections. before the general elections of 1496, the Royalist Party under the leadership of Pieta Munn lead the nation as the ruling party for nine years, the party is central right and is supported by the monarchist and many right leading civilians of New Numair.

3. the New Numair Labour Party (NNLP) (nicknamed "the Party of Reds")

Leader: Mike Horomeira

The Labour Party is the current third party of New Numair. The Party was in coalition with the Royalist Party for almost nine years until they along with the Royalists lost the 1496 general elections the party is center left and is supported by the workers of New Numair.

(Minor Parties of New Numair) (2 Minor parties in a coalition)

1. the New Numair United People's Liberal Alliance (UPLA)

Leader: Joe Jamison (also head of coalition Liberal Party)

is a newly created coalition party between the historic Liberal and Socialist Parties of New Numair. the intent for the UPLA is to contest the 1498 elections against the major parties of the Royalist and National Parties. Both parties have been governing parties before, the Liberals in 1891-1912 and then for one year in 1936. the Socialist were only the governing party for a few months in 1916. Many of the UPLA supporters are calling the coalition the "the People's Choice", due to many people thinking they will do well in the upcoming elections.

Spencer Stanley
Prime Minister of the Allied Royal Provinces of New Numair
Foreign Minister of the Allied Royal Provinces of New Numair

King Nu I
King of the Allied Royal Provinces of New Numair

Crown Prince TeKimiti
Regent of the Allied Royal Provinces of New Numair

"The Royal National Anthem"
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political parties of New Numair
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