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 The Royal Government of New Numair

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New Numair

New Numair

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The Royal Government of New Numair  Empty
PostSubject: The Royal Government of New Numair    The Royal Government of New Numair  EmptySat Nov 20, 2010 7:06 pm

Monarch: King Nu I (s. 1956)
Regent: Crown Prince TeKimiti (s. 2010)

Royal Cabinet:

Current Ruling Party: The New Numair National Party (NNNP)

Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister: Spencer Stanley (s. 2008, and so are other ministers)
Deputy Prime Minister and Economic Minister: Mike Makarini
Defense Minister and Science Minister: Bronson Stanley
Health Minister and Sports Minister: Maria Marcus Henry
Energy Minister and Agriculture Minister: Ed McDaniels
Education Minister and Environment Minister: Jon Edwards
Attorney-General and Justice Minister: James McCleese
Trade Minister and Transport Minister: Tim Heke
Immigration Minister and Ethnic Affairs Minister: Pita TeMana
Internal Affairs Minister and National Security Minister: Frederick Norton
Labour Minister and Royal Affairs Minister: Charlotte Tiami

Royal Council of Loyal Chiefs* (RCLC)

Grand Chief of the RCLC and Chief of the Northern Tribes: Chief Waata Mutaka (s. 1996)
Chief of the Western Tribes: Chief Pita Wiki (s. 2001)
Chief of the Eastern Tribes: Chief Chris Manatutu (s. 2008)
Chief of the Central Tribes: Chief Tama Tamiki (s. 1999)
Chief of the Southern Tribes: Chief Ti'i Pisi (s. 2004)

Royal New Numair Defense Force Chiefs:

Chief of the Royal Defense Force: Lieutenant General Jared Peki (s. 2006, and so are other chiefs)
Chief of the Army: Major General: Waata Manu
Chief of the Royal Navy: Rear Admiral Adam Stevens
Chief of the Royal Air Force: Air Marshal Matai Smith
Chief of the Royal Reserves: General Pita Meke
Chief of the New Numair National Security Force* (NSF): Major General George Palmer

Royal Heads of Provinces of New Numair:

Royal Governor of Wanganui: Maitai Horomer (s. 2008) (NN Labour Party)
Royal Governor of the Royal Federal Province and Mayor of Hiruharama: Waata Timor (s. 2008) (NN National Party)
Royal Governor of Porirua: Mike Vetori (s. 2010) (NN Socialist Party)
Grand Chief of Great Barrier Island: Ti'i Pisi (s. 2004) (no party) (also Chief of the Southern Tribes)

*RCLC is the Royal Council that the most senior chiefs of each tribe appoint to represent them, the chiefs are only replace if the previous chiefs dies in office or resigns, the chief that has served the longest on the Royal Council is appointed by the other chiefs to be the Grand Chief. The RCLC has the power to meet with the Royal Government and to meet with the King on issues about their tribes, the Royal Council has the power to overturn a ruling by the government if it breaches a right of a certain tribe.
*The New Numair National Security Force (NSF) are the military force that can only be deployed inside the borders of New Numair in the event of an earthquake, riots, hurricanes and flooding, the NSF Chief has to meet with the Defense Force Chief, the Prime Minister and the King before deploying the NSF.

Spencer Stanley
Prime Minister of the Allied Royal Provinces of New Numair
Foreign Minister of the Allied Royal Provinces of New Numair

King Nu I
King of the Allied Royal Provinces of New Numair

Crown Prince TeKimiti
Regent of the Allied Royal Provinces of New Numair

"The Royal National Anthem"
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The Royal Government of New Numair
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