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 Oscalantine Government System

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Oscalantine Government System Empty
PostSubject: Oscalantine Government System   Oscalantine Government System EmptyThu Nov 25, 2010 11:50 am

Oscalantine government.

Oscalantine’s government is made up of basically three branches: executo-judiciary, council, and media. Oscalantine’s system, however, is not made to balance the power. Rather, every part of the government is made to make each of its branches efficient. In other words, each branch works as an overseer rather than a balancing faction.

The difference of Oscalantine’s government system to pro-business regimes is that Oscalantine is only pro-business to the member companies. Oscalantine sets up various measure to prevent foreign countries from taking too much market share of Oscalantine, while allowing free reign in the member countries for the most of the time. However, it is to say that Oscalantine is still accepting of foreign companies into Oscalantine’s massive consumer base, all of which are somewhat in the employed state by the government. The member companies of Oscalantine are the only companies that will get any business deals with Oscalantine, however, and they also get to partake in Oscalantine politics. For many of these reasons, many companies around the world seeks to become the member company of Oscalantine.

Voting System of Oscalantine

Before we further go on about Oscalantine’s government, there are two types of votes in Oscalantine: Stockholders’ votes and Population votes. Each work in a different way, but they are both a voting system called upon for different reasons.

Stockholders’ vote is a voting system of capitalism, where one dollar… or in this case, one stock of Oscalantine, equals one vote. Each citizen of Oscalantine is born with a single stock of Oscalantine. This stocks can be bought or sold depending on the situation, but relinquishing the last stock of Oscalantine spells out the voting right in Oscalantine. However, because Oscalantine is relatively successful government, your average Joe will not have nearly enough stocks to make a difference. In fact, it is assumed that nearly 40% of all stocks are owned by the member companies of Oscalantine. That being said, much of the votes with Stockholders’ vote is going to favor the company.

Stockholders’ votes are made usually in everyday needs, such as voting for changes to the rules or simple workings in the government. Some business officials in the member companies, such as CEO of Nexus Incorporated, is elected in this way. Many of the Oscalantine’s government seats are also elected in this manner.

Population vote acts in a different way. Population vote is following traditional “one person, one vote” system, where every citizen gets one vote. Population vote is basically the most powerful voting system and the most powerful statement that Oscalantine can make. While Population vote are used sometimes in politics, they are usually used for overturning decisions made by pro-business government. The procedure is relatively simple. Someone poses a problem with the ruling, and gets enough signatures to start. Once enough voters are gained, they can push for a Population vote. Upon its vote gaining enough attention, a nation-wide voting occurs, where every citizen puts up their voice. Population vote, while slow, can override anything and everything in Oscalantine. The only law that Population vote cannot overturn is the government system itself. In other words, while Population vote can overturn the voter result for Oscalantine’s Executor, it cannot destroy the Executor position itself.

Because of the majority nature of Population vote, “party” system is created to ensure that the group ideals are heard. This “party” is called “Ideals” in Oscalantine and they wield a major power in Oscalantine. A good example of Ideal is Christian Ideal of Oscalantine, or CIO. They work to uphold the Christian ideologies lost in the corporate world, and have goals such as worker safety and moral decision making as their primary objectives.

Executo-Judiciary Branch

Executo-judiciary branch is a branch of Oscalantine government that deals basically with judging the law and executing upon it. In essence, it is the government of Oscalantine, with its job making sure that Oscalantine runs smoothly. This branch, called EJ branch for short, is mostly divided further into two branches: economical and political. It is also to note that EJ has nearly unlimited power in Oscalantine. This allows EJ to be the first actor in Oscalantine, making sure that an event runs smoothly without obstruction. In this sense, EJ is the largest branch in Oscalantine’s trinary system, far outnumbering and outsourcing other branches in size and capital.

EJ’s heads are Executor and Corporate Council. While they are seen as equals, Corporate Council are essentially only a figureheads and advisors to Executor. Corporate Council is basically a figurehead, or CEO, of each of the member corporation that Oscalantine houses. These council members are limited to 20, and their numbers are based upon how much % of the stock that the company has of Oscalantine. Given this phenomenon, a foreign company or even a foreign country can technically have a seat in the Corporate Council. However, this hasn’t quite occurred yet, as much of Oscalantine’s stocks are owned by Nexus Incorporated. The Corporate Council are essentially similar to Supreme Court, giving the final verdict to any decisions that the previous court have made. Corporate Council also is created to give economic advices to the Executor, who has the final saying in any economic decisions. Corporate Council members are chosen by the corporation that has enough stock to enter the council, but Executor can always demote their position and either ask the corporation for another representative or simply make the seat vacant until another corporation with high enough stock rolls in.

The Executor is the most unique seat in Oscalantine. In his or her hands the Executor hold the fate of the entire Oscalantine. The Executor has the final saying in all the economic and military policies, and they can basically be the most powerful individual in Oscalantine. The Executor’s election system is very interesting because of the gravity of the position. Executors are not voted, but groomed. Each company which is positioned in Oscalantine and has a seat in the Corporate Council can back an individual into the office of Executor if they so desire to spend the money to do so. These groomed Executors-to-be basically has to pass three-part challenge: test, experience, and vote. Test is basically an Executor Nomination test. This test has three parts: multiple choice test, written test, and an actual interview. Multiple choice test tests nominee’s ability to comprehend economical, political, and militaristic phenomenon in the society; this test is in an enclosed environment and is timed. Written test is basically the persuasive writing which tests the nominee’s ability to convince the reader; this test has no time limit and it can be revised by anyone and everyone. The interview is in three parts to see how the nominees will fare in the real-life settings. The three interviews are international meeting, domestic arbitration, and public speech. This test is supposedly made and judged by the Melcoba family. Most weight of this test is placed in interview section, while other sections simply adding a bit more speck to the nominee. Once the nominee is chosen, he or she works under the current Executor to learn the ropes of what it takes to be in the office. Once all that is done, these specks are revealed to the public, including all the scores of the test, video footage of interview, and the achievements that these nominees have done under the Executor. These specks contribute to the nation-wide vote, where the citizens vote in Stockholders’ voting style to the nominee of their choosing. Once elected, the Executor can run for reelection as much as one wants until death. All the nominee’s candidate funding is limited to certain amount by the country’s spending, and during the election period the current Executor loses all his or her power to ensure fairness. During this time Stockholders' Council obtains the military powers that the Executor has, while the Corporate Counil obtains the economic power that the Executor has (The decision made during this time is usually temporary and is decided with majority vote from the two councils.). There is no requirement other than passing the three original requirement of test, experience, and vote to become the Executor, which means that even a foreigner in the teens could potentially become this nearly omnipotent leader.

In that sense, Executor’s voting happens every five years. However, during the wartime, Executor can call “Executioner Phase,” where all the voting system in Oscalantine pauses and assumes full and total control to Executor and the military heads to make as efficient wartime efforts as possible. This phase can be overruled by Melcoba family if necessary.

Executor’s role is mainly divided into economic and political role. As an economic role, Executor is the supreme “lawyer” in the favor of the companies, where his officials defend the member corporations in the court of any country. Executor also creates various tariffs or other methods to help boost the company’s productivity. Executor is also the manager of country’s spending. This means that Executor has the final saying in the planning and managing the country’s spenditure. Executor is also the final spokesman for purchase of Oscalantine. In other words, Executor is a person with nearly limitless power in economics. This is made to ensure that Oscalantine can respond to any economic changes in Oscalantine as swift as possible. Executor’s role, therefore, does not need check and balance to get through. Once Executor’s signature has been validated, the only method to stop this act from occurring is through Population vote, the most powerful voting system in Oscalantine. The only laws that Executor cannot nullify are the system of elections and voting procedures. For instance, Executor cannot deem Population vote or Stockholders’ vote Inefficient, and it also cannot make himself elected for life without being reelected.

Executor’s political role is similar to economic role. In politics, Executor can make executive decisions that carry same weight as any law. Executor can judge any law to be deemed “Inefficient,” and therefore call up a Stockholders’ vote to nullify the law. Executor can do anything that one needs to keep the slick, efficient government going. In other words, if deemed necessary, human rights can be ignored for the sake of the country. Executor in international politics is similar. Executor is the figurehead of the country as well as the final say-er in military execution. While Executor is not supreme chief of Oscalantine military branch, his or her words are to be considered as main political objective of the military to be achieved. Executor also allows the mobilization of military.

Because Executor is one man… one man that has very high target priority, Executor can be replaced if he is found dead. If Executor cannot accomplish his or her said duties, his or her secretary, who is groomed by the company as sort of Executor’s “running mate,” will assume control and reign as the temporary Executor-in-charge until the situation calms down. During the election, the Corporate Council assumes control the duty of Executor until the voting ends.

Within the EJ branch there are also military. They are divided into parts that can be read in the Military section of Oscalantine. Regardless, the head of ground forces is called General Judiciary, the head of navy is called Fleet Admiral, and the head of airforce is called Aero Commander. Cyber and UCVs Division have a common head called Head Geek, but his position is not as high as the three military branches and is under the authority of the other military branches. The head of each military branches are usually promoted by the Executor and demoted by the Executor.

While all worker unions in Oscalantine is illegal, there are those who are working for worker’s rights. The Head Managers are these people. While they supervise and oversee the workers, they also promote workers’ rights and take side of workers in the cases of court cases. They hold just as much authority as the Corporate Council themselves. While they do not have the power in the government to that of Corporate Council, they can start Population vote without the need to wait around for complicated procedures. Head Managers are selected by the people and approved by the Executor

Stockholders’ Council

Stockholders’ council is creation of legislative body made by the corporate officials voted in by the Stockholders’ vote. Stockholders’ Council works as a legislative branch in a sense that they create laws that the Executor guides upon. Another responsibility of the Council is also to suggest a Population vote. They can create a vote where they can overturn an executive decision made by the Executor via support of the public through Population vote.

Stockholders’ Council also works as an ambassadors of Oscalantine. They work as an agent of Oscalantine that can make some immediate decisions. Council members usually go into non-friendly nations where Executor’s life could be at stake, and usually one or two accompany Executor when Executor do go on a business trip.

Stockhoders’ Council is relatively small, with only twenty members making the entire council. They have requirement of being a high company official of a member company. However, any individual can technically be part of the Council through Population vote. An extra member of Council can be established by winning enough people’s votes to create a Population vote to vote himself or herself into office. So far, two members of the Council has been voted in this way, and thus creating Oscalantine’s Stockholders’ Council’s numbers add up to grand total of twenty two.

Nexus News Network

Nexus News Network, or NNN, is actually considered an unofficial branch of Oscalantine because of just how much power it wields in Oscalantine. They act as “people’s ears and mouth,” making sure that the public is notified of Oscalantine’s doings. NNN hoards nearly 80% of viewer rating during its major airtimes and owns several channels within Oscalantine to ensure that their news is carried out. Nexian Report is international effort to ensure that their news reaches outside Oscalantine as well.

The NNN is actually a group of polarized individuals who have created a branch of Nexus Inc. without the permission from the Nexus Incorporated itself. From there, they selectively hire their workers and have created this massive media phenomenon. Because NNN pays for itself, Oscalantine has, for the most part, left it alone. The NNN works completely separate from Nexus Incorporated and has been coming up to the status of being independent company outside of Nexus’s control. It is speculated that they shall achieve “member company” status within Oscalantine within the near future.

What NNN really does well is that it informs the mass media about anything that they find suspicious. While NNN does get public information from the government, most of their information comes from their “secret reporters.” These reporters, usually known as “Followers of Shade,” or FoS, are reporters that work part time in the NNN, acting almost as a spy in the government. They report their findings to NNN, and through filtering procedures, they broadcast the information back to the public. Because Population vote has been passed that FoS cannot be condemned for their actions (NNN made this happen), they are everywhere in Oscalantine, working as a reporter partly because of money and partly because of hobby.

NNN works in a way to provide a limiter of government. Because Oscalantine citizen can create a Population vote at their leisure, NNN informs the masses about what to act upon, and making the Oscalantine’s works around the world known to the people. Oscalantine, therefore, has to watch out for NNN in terms of keeping the citizens calm during the times of need. In this sense, NNN is indeed a government body in place to keep the EJ branch in check.

Melcoba Family

Melcoba family is “royalty” of Oscalantine, if Oscalantine ever served a royalty. They are symbolic heads of Oscalantine and leaders of symbolic company called Melcoba Corporation. Melcoba family still owns a small company named Melcoba Corporation, which was revived by Oscalantine as soon as Oscalantine came into power, and their little family spends time doing whatever their please in their palace, which is located somewhere in Oscalantine.

While Melcoba Family does not have direct ties with the government itself, the written law states that Melcoba Family is the only individuals capable of changing the government system of Oscalantine. Melcoba Family is also known to be the only entity to overrule the Population vote. However, because of their complete content in their way of life, Melcoba family have found little reasons to fiddle with Oscalantine, as they will be completely provided for as long as Oscalantine stays prosperous.

However, there are rumors around the NNN that Melcoba family still has irongrip powers in Oscalantine…

Warning Systems of Oscalantine

Oscalantine has a few warning systems where Oscalantine, for the interest of its own well-being, puts on for the sake of the survival of Oscalantine. The procedure is widely classified, but most needs to be executed by the Executor in the case of emergency.

Corporate Rule

Corporate Rule is basically the average "Marshal Law" of Oscalantine. Media is suppressed, and all re-election of Oscalantine government is halted until the call is stopped. Corporate Law puts Oscalantine military on high alert in both sea, land, and air throughout the entire country. The citizens are given informing news by the government instead of media networks like NNN, and all media companies are prohibited from reporting anything... positive or negative... about the government of Oscalantine and all that it is involved with. Any international news not pertaining with Oscalantine, however, can be reported. During the Corporate Rule, the already-centralized power of Executor is condensed even more, creating a situation where Executor can appoint anyone who is capable to the temporary task of any work in the government. While this does not fire the existing government official, they will be effectively replaced until the rule is over. Along with Corporate Rule, Stockpile Order is also given automatically and executed.

Stockpile Order

Stockpile Order is automatically programmed into the computer. The assets of Oscalantine starts to centralize and prepare for the potential next phase of Corporate Rule. Stockpile order is automatically executed when Corporate Rule is given, and its job is to stockpile resources to ready themselves for the potential all-out war. Resources are not able to be canceled by anyone, and all resources from metal to foodstuff is stored. All underground facilities, which is not operational due to expenses during normal times, starts to stockpile on preserving foods through the automated lines. The Stockpile Order continues and auto-expires in a year unless orders are given to renew the order.

Corporate Turtle

Oscalantine's final "prep" stage where Oscalantine feels truly threatened by outside forces and can no longer protect companies working abroad. Oscalantine asks that all member companies to pull back their assets and head home. This includes all stocks to be sold, all factories abandoned, and every assets collected in quick fashion and return to Oscalantine. Corporate Turtle can only be given by Executor.

Melcoba Request

Melcoba Family requests that all "friends and family" of Melcoba Corporation to come into Oscalantine. This is similar to Oscalantine's Corporate Turtle with exception that it is "optional" and it includes all corporations in relations with Melcoba Corporation. All companies sell their assets, collect their assets, abandon their bases of production, and come to Oscalantine to hunker down. Melcoba family can request this, and this is only during the cases when Oscalantine feels threatened with immense danger. This is only in theory and highly hypothetical, as many speculate that this request will even get through to all the companies out there.

Incorporated States of Oscalantine

CEO of Oscalantine: Executor Nathanial Nestor Kwon

Management Head of Technology - Head Tony Max Kiwiki
Management Head of Programming - Head Lesana Victoria Melcoba
Management Head of Maintenance - Head George Alexander Kim

Military Manager of Navy - Fleet Admiral Valarie Esinstall Kwon
Military Manager of Army - General Judiciary Jimmy Thomas Lee
Military Manager of Airspace - [vacant]
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Oscalantine Government System
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