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 Inactivity Bill

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PostSubject: Inactivity Bill   Inactivity Bill EmptyThu Jun 17, 2010 8:17 am


Authored by Gracealona, Edited by NX401

IN HOPES, that these steps will help to cure the problem of inactivity that has made it difficult for our region’s government to function.

OBSERVING, that in recent months within our great Judicial Republic of Tiberiam, we have experienced a large amount of inactivity.

ALSO OBSERVING, that many of the nations that move here become inactive within the day of arriving.

HERBY ESTABLISHES, the Tiberiam Census Bureau, TCB, that will host two positions within the region as census workers. There responsibilities will include:
1.) Taking a census of the nations in Tiberiam twice a week to check there last time of activity.
2.) If it is between 7 and 12 days since there last activity, send them a notification warning them that they may be evicted from the region if they do not become active again.
3.) Send a list of nations that have not been active 12 or more days to the founder of the region, Gracealona, who will have the power to issue the ejection as he is the only one in the region with the power to eject nations (due to being the founder).

NOTING, that after the ejecting has been preformed, there should no action of banishment by the founder, unless upon receiving a threat to the Judicial Republic’s being.

REQUIRES, that all nations that will not be active due to vacations, jobs, etc. post the length of their absence so they will not be banned by mistake. Only when this time ends will their inactivity begin to count towards an ejection.
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Inactivity Bill
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