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 Simple Rules for RPers

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Simple Rules for RPers Empty
PostSubject: Simple Rules for RPers   Simple Rules for RPers EmptyWed Dec 22, 2010 11:19 pm

For all those who are lazy, here are NINE commandments that EVERY ROLEPLAYER must keep. This is basically the fine line… simple and bulleted sentences of what large and rather cumbersome rule leads to. Remember, this does NOT replace the original rules made by all the SoC in the past, but it certainly simplifies them into an easier, readable format. Also keep in mind that you might want to read the larger rules so that you are more knowledgeable about Tiberiam’s Roleplaying law. Knowledge is power, as the old ones say.

  • Before you start your Roleplay(RP)ing, claim a plot in Cartographer’s Office to legitimize your regime and create a country!
  • 48 hours AFTER you have claimed a plot, head over to Database Request Thread to claim your database subforum to put together your country’s personal profile.
    • Database SHOULD include your government’s budget (just copy and paste everything from NSEconomy.
    • Database can be anything about your country, like your nation’s government style, military might, etc.
    • The more contents are in the Database, the more legitimate your actions are.
    • Check out various country’s Databases for more examples!

  • All Economic Status of ANY nations is with no exception 10% of everything from your NSEconomy EXCEPT GDP per Capita, unemployment rate, tax rate, and exchange rate. So for instance, your 1 billion men population and your 1 trillion dollar economy will be 100 million population and 100 billion dollar economy for RP.
  • Planning the RP is ALWAYS better than unplanned RP. Planning is encouraged and recommended by SoC.
  • Punctuation is MANDATORY in the RP. We here in Tiberiam do not expect you to write novels at each post, but PLEASE make posts readable by all. Which means in “In Character”(IC) posts…
    • No Chatspeak
    • No emotes

  • Make clear distinction between “In Character” and “Out of Character.” This can be established with [[ (( or {{ and any combinations there of. Therefore, in the Roleplay thread you MUST use OOC format of brackets when you are Not posting for your nation.
  • Godmoding and Autoplay is FROBIDDEN in Tiberiam. This includes but not limited to…
    • Controlling nations and factions that clearly has a owner that is not you
    • Having omnipotent and almighty power

  • Abide by the Military Calculations. Consult your SoC or any experienced RPer if you do NOT know what this means.
  • Abide by the Rule of Economy. Consult your SoC or any experienced RPer if you do not know what this means.

… Oh and I forgot the most important rule… ASK Secretary of Culture if you have ANY questions concerning the RP. As an RPer, I hereby invest you with the power to COMPLETELY ANNOY your SoC and get away with it. Have fun =D

Incorporated States of Oscalantine

CEO of Oscalantine: Executor Nathanial Nestor Kwon

Management Head of Technology - Head Tony Max Kiwiki
Management Head of Programming - Head Lesana Victoria Melcoba
Management Head of Maintenance - Head George Alexander Kim

Military Manager of Navy - Fleet Admiral Valarie Esinstall Kwon
Military Manager of Army - General Judiciary Jimmy Thomas Lee
Military Manager of Airspace - [vacant]
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Simple Rules for RPers
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