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 RP posting during war

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PostSubject: RP posting during war   RP posting during war EmptyThu Dec 23, 2010 11:25 pm

Alright, so, a huge welcome to all of the people who seem to have problems with players about thier post or dont know how to post it all for a war in NS!!!

This instruction should be a helpful guide that will be indepth and will teach you to be a better RP'er in all war scarnios.

Lets get started shall we. We should first learn about the system itself. [Yes, there is a system!]

The RP system in any war scanario is a turn based system. There are six parts to this system which include: Preperation, Set up, reaction, attack/defense, causualites, and conclusion on how the war played out or the plan that was made with the other players of how it should be won/lossed. I will be posting both "aggressor" and "defender"for each step that will be used and other thrid party assosicates such as "allies". This system also gose by aggressor, defender, aggessor, defender; allies are wild cards but need to also be dealt with.

The first step and the first post should be a preperation:

Aggressor- The aggressor, when on this step, should show military prowless. it should describe how their military is setting up for an invasion in the defenders homeland(s), their journey there (this would also be in the second post which i will explain next) and before an intial attack of any sort. They can also tell us about military defenses being put up in there country, to show that they are not vulerable to homeland invasion or easily destoryed by missles.

Defender- The defender, when on this step, should show a preperation in military defense of the homeland. The barriers being built,
the plans being made, communication amongst the military officers and soldiers. This is the defense

Both: the set up is the backround for each individual player to set the stage for themselves. This would be vital so no suprises can disrupt the flow of the turn. What ever you say in this post is crucial as it will either help you or hurt you later. For example, say that the aggressor never said anything about military defenses, this would leave him defenseless based off of the knowledge that you, the defender received. He may argue, but the post says it all.

The second post is the set up :

aggressor- this post is a lot different from your orginal post as it refers to the military that you brought with you. Planning on what you are going to do crucial to what happens in your war scarnio. Some examples are "boats launch planes", "soldiers are coming and making a make-shift base" "airplanes are in the air", "Battleships are arming themselves." These posts are screaming to put your numbers down, but remember your rules and no god moding.

both: this an aggressors post only. the aggressor allows the set up to make the thrid post, Reaction, come in to veiw of how the war would be played

Allies: you can post here to with same circumstances and even collaberate with the aggressor

The thrid post is the Reaction :

Defender-as the aggesor's military comes at you, you are now allowed to react in any fashion. Such examples are fighter squads to destory bombers, missle/artillary attacks, Soldiers in barricades, flak, ect. This is the time to fashion your numbers to be approriate to the rules of NS.

Both: This is a defenders post as they need time to react to the aggressor. Also, they can not post any casulties expect for detailed posts about maybe killing one or two individual players.

Allies: you can post here to with same circumstances and even collalborate with the defender.

The Fourth Post is The Attack/Defense :

Aggressor- Plain and simple, Describe your attack, start putting in small casulties, the fire you are putting on the defender.

Defender:Plan and simple: first describe the attack that is on you, describe small casulties; Second, describe how you are pushing off the enemy

Both: this makes the post more dramtic and makes the audience understand what is going on and how many casulties should be expected.

Allies: you may post here and collaborate with either the aggressor/defender (which ever you are helping only)

The Fifth Post is Casulties :

Both: Casulties should not be counted for the other. post your casulties and hint on your future actions which would resolve in repreating steps 2,3,and 4 until there is a final victor

Allies: Same rules apply

The Sixth post and last post is Conclusion

Both: really, at this point, it dose not matter about the casulties or the war, but a final end to the war at hand. Using post to finish up the war would be vital in how each other will veiw the other politically, Maybe they will hate; other's love. But, there is a need for a conclusion in order to be established to tell the audience who won

Allies: you usually just get a pathetic victory medal or a contract with the ally you worked with depending on your winning or losing ally that you decided to help.

Hope this helps and a wish to those who now want to start a war! Happy Gaming!!
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RP posting during war
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