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 Oscalantine Influence Chart

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Oscalantine Influence Chart Empty
PostSubject: Oscalantine Influence Chart   Oscalantine Influence Chart EmptySat Jan 08, 2011 3:36 am

Oscalantine’s government is, in essence, a collective companies discussing the fate of the region that they are located in. In that sense, there is no powerful government with high enough legitimacy in Oscalantine. Although government is ran by sleek standards, everything in the government is changeable during any time of peace… and that includes who leads who.

There are two things that any nations need to keep in mind whenever they are dealing with Oscalantine: market and people. By manipulating either, any nation can take somewhat of an influence within Oscalantine. In that sense, Oscalantine is probably the easiest nation to manipulate. However, given these two factors, it is difficult to take full control over Oscalantine up to the point of joining the alliance. However, increased influence over Oscalantine would spell out increased favors that Oscalantine will do for a nation.

Oscalantine’s influence system is divided into two sections: population and government. Companies also play a lot of role, but they are not as directly influencing the influence of the country. However, given that all system of government in Oscalantine is done by companies and capital, having as many member companies under country’s sphere of influence is usually a good idea in terms of manipulating a contry. Having more government influence means that it is likely for Oscalantine to conduct favors for the nation, while having more population influence means that there is less likely chance that the government will try to conduct something unfavorable towards that country. In other words, a country with high government influence can even make Oscalantine declare war on a nation. Meanwhile, having high population influence will ensure that there is less chance of Oscalantine engaging on covert operations or even declaring war on said country. (In other words, if you want to use Oscalantine as a sword, manipulate the government. If you want to use Oscalantine as a shield, manipulate the population.)

  • Government
    • Major Company: Nexus Incorporated
    • Current Manipulator: None.
    • Top Influencers and their % of Influence:
      • 1. Oscalantine: 50% (+ 30%)
        • Patriots of Oscalantine Purists
        • The insides has been getting “Trust no EU” mentality recently, giving rise to Oscalantine Purist faction within the government. .
        • Current Noticable Supporters:
          • Farnor Melcoba
          • Mr. L of Stockholder’s Council
      • 2. Rasvidi: 10% (- 15%)
        • Rasvidi government was once the highest influencer in Oscalantine, but recent fall of grace occurred after several unannounced operations that drastically destroyed current regime’s reputation.
        • Recent statement of Rasvidi demanding directly control over Oscalantine in exchange of dealing with the media problem has further decreased influence.
        • Current Noticable Supporters:
          • Executor Nate Nestor Kwon
          • Miss Kim of Nexus Incorporated
          • Mr. Y of Stockholder’s Council
      • 3. NX401: 5% (- 10%)
        • Recent fall has been caused by EU’s covert operations.
      • 4. Civa Orchestra: 3% (=)
        • Potential prospect of FTA gives good standings with Oscalantine
        • Current Noticable Supporters:
          • Mr. B of Stockholder’s Council
      • 5. Gracealona: 2% (- 5%)
        • Recent fall due to covert operations by EU

  • Population
    • Current Manipulator: Edo Edi Essum
    • Top Influencers and their % of Influence:
      • 1. Edo Edi Essum: 35% (+ 5%)
        • Church of Purity, a Christian Cult established by EEE missionaries, are rampant in lower class, causing high support rate of EEE within Oscalantine.
        • EEE also commands sympathy from Oscalantine citizens after media coverage of unannounced EU offensive that Oscalantine government was unable to prevent.
        • Current Noticable Supporters:
          • Church of Purity
          • Madam Epsilon of Corporate Army
      • 2. Gracealona: 20% (+ 10%)
        • Majority of the Oscalantine is fans of many of Gracealona’s movies. Some fanclubs of Gracealona celebrities are almost recognized as cults in Oscalantine.
        • Current Noticable Supporters:
          • Sir Omega of Corporate Army
          • Madam Iota of Corporate Army
      • 3. Civa Orchestra: 10% (+ 10%)
        • Recent set in the ranking due to “Trust no EU, Love no GWA” movement within Oscalantine.
      • 4. KingIsaac: 5% (- 5%)
        • Recent downfall due to government being inconsiderate of the people.
      • 5. Rasvidi: 2% (- 20%)
        • Recent fall due to media fest of unannounced, ill-censored footage of invasion of Annex.
        • Church of Purity’s propaganda against Rasvidi is also helping to bring this number down.
        • There are still Historians and Professors who praise Rasvidi of their history, which is keeping the number steady.

Incorporated States of Oscalantine

CEO of Oscalantine: Executor Nathanial Nestor Kwon

Management Head of Technology - Head Tony Max Kiwiki
Management Head of Programming - Head Lesana Victoria Melcoba
Management Head of Maintenance - Head George Alexander Kim

Military Manager of Navy - Fleet Admiral Valarie Esinstall Kwon
Military Manager of Army - General Judiciary Jimmy Thomas Lee
Military Manager of Airspace - [vacant]
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Oscalantine Influence Chart
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