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 Influence Chart

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Holy Edesu SocialistState
Holy Edesu SocialistState

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PostSubject: Influence Chart   Influence Chart EmptyThu Jan 20, 2011 3:06 pm

  • Top Influencers and their % of Influence:
    • 1. Edo Edi Essum: 90%
      • Exceptional piety
      • Immense loyalty to communism
      • No division of Church and State results in near-unrivaled levels of nationalism.
    • 2. KingIsaac: 3%
      • A shared national religion unites these EEE and KingIsaac.
      • Edo Edi Essum's #1 trade partner.
      • GWA member
    • 3. New Numair: 2%
      • GWA member.
    • 4. Serliaq: 2%
      • Likely GWA member and EEE's oldest ally.
      • Third largest trade partner.
    • 5. Oscalantine: 1%
      • Second largest trade partner
      • Refuses to officially ally with EEE
    • 6. Other: 1%
      • Shpies

The Populace's Opinions of Foreign Lands
  • KingIsaac: Loyal Christian allies
  • New Numair: Loyal allies
  • Isis Rakael: Noble yet distant Christians
  • Rasvidi: Feared and abhorred for their unbridled godlessness. (Fun Fact: Devil and Rasvidian are synonymous in Edesu.)
  • Serliaq: Noble allies
  • Oscalantine: The poor are prayed for and trusted. The wealthy are not.
  • Gracealona: Godless cowards
  • NX401: Traitors
  • Other Nations: Meh

The Holy Edesu Socialist State was founded on May 1, 1907 AD.
Pro Deus et Communismo
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No servant can serve two masters. He will either hate one and love the other, or be devoted to one and despise the other. One cannot serve both God and mammon. (Luke 16:13)
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Influence Chart
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