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 The Great Proclamation

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The Glorious Empire

The Glorious Empire

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PostSubject: The Great Proclamation   The Great Proclamation EmptySat Apr 02, 2011 2:47 pm

Palace of the Kalnoran Senate, Ghashtok, Greater Kalnoran Republic
"The time, has come" said Kum Zong-un, the Supreme Leader of the Greater Kalnoran Republic. "For years, we have stood silent, and by the sheer strength of will of the Kalnoran People, we have exited the forgotten century stronger then ever before." He paused looking around the room, which was filled with the most important men in the GKR "We have rebuilt our military to be the Strongest force in the world, we have silenced our enemies both at home and in the Island of Zapan, we have unified ourselves despite all of the pressures the world placed on us to keep us divided, and now it is time for The Greater Kalnoran Republic to ascend to its rightful place in the world"

The men in the room applauded, though they were unsure what the Supreme Leader was going to propose. Could he be ordering an invasion? could he be moving to abolish the Kalnoran Senate? Could he be.. about to initate a purge of this room? all seemed equally likely, Kum Zong-un enjoyed keeping his subordinates outside the Party and military guessing. Members of the GBD (State Security Department) could be seen at the entrances and exits of all the rooms, carefully watching for anyone who showed discontent.

"Today, I am sending a message to the world, The Greater Kalnoran Republic shall leave it Isolationist past behind, and begin taking an active role on the international stage." said Kum Zong-un. The Senate stood and applauded immedately as he finished speaking.

"I have asked that our Diplomatic Corps prepare themselves by offering the exchange of embassies to any nation that is willing to do so with us, and I have instructed General Choi Zong, to place our KPA Expeditionary force on standby, so that they may begin taking part in their active peacekeeping role across the world." The Supeme Leader Said

"The Time has come, for the Brilliant Kalnoran Sun, to shine across the world" Kum Zong-un said smiling

Message to All Nations of the World from the Greater Kalnoran Republic
Brothers and sisters,

Today, the Greater Kalnoran Republic has left its isolationist past behind and steppted into the interntaional stage. We extend the offers of embassy exchange with any nation who is willing to particpate with the GKR. We also are intrested in building diplomatic relations with the nations of the world, and hope that this first step can lead to a number of partnerships that will bring prosperity to the Kalnoran People, and those who will work with us

Foregin Minister of the Greater Kalnoran Republic,
Zou luck-zu
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Holy Edesu SocialistState
Holy Edesu SocialistState

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PostSubject: Re: The Great Proclamation   The Great Proclamation EmptySun Apr 03, 2011 12:14 pm

[Appropriate music for your proclamation]

Quote :
TO: Foregin Minister Zou luck-zu of the Greater Kalnoran Republic
FROM: Minister of Foreign Affairs Marcus Albinoni of the Holy Edesu Socialist State

The entirety of the Edesu government is jubilant to learn of our nations' good relations. The HESS shall strive to ensure the endurance of our alliance for the greater good of our nations and allies.

I have managed to get permission from the Ministry of War to grant the Greater Kalnoran Republic the right to build army, naval, and air bases on the southern coastline of our [southern] Annex. If you are interested, construction can begin immediately.

The Holy Edesu Socialist State was founded on May 1, 1907 AD.
Pro Deus et Communismo
National Anthem
EKP Anthem
The Great Proclamation Hsicon
No servant can serve two masters. He will either hate one and love the other, or be devoted to one and despise the other. One cannot serve both God and mammon. (Luke 16:13)
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PostSubject: Re: The Great Proclamation   The Great Proclamation EmptyMon Apr 04, 2011 2:54 am

"Madame President, we have received a request of exchange of embassies from Greater Kalnoran Republic, and they said they wish to strengthen their relationship with us" Foreign Secretary Jessica said to President Jeny.

"That is good. Foreign Relations is one of my priority. Tell them I agree with the embassy exchange and I also want to strengthen our relations with them. Tell them we will trade with them and we want them to be our ally." President Jeny replied.

"Yes, Madame President" the Secretary said

Secretary Jessica typed this letter and sent it to Foreign Minister Zou luck-zu of the Greater Kalnoran Republic.

Quote :

TO: Foreign Minister Zou luck-zu of the Greater Kalnoran Republic


We are happy that your nation finally stand in the international stage. We hereby accept your offer of embassy exchange and our ambassadors and his staffs and security are on their way to their nation. Please allow their bodyguards to bear arms at all times. The President of KingIsaac, President Jeny, also expresses her intent to trade with you. We wish to strengthen our relations.

In the name of the President,

Foreign Secretary Jessie of KingIsaac
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PostSubject: Re: The Great Proclamation   The Great Proclamation Empty

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The Great Proclamation
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