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 KingIsaac spreads a deadly disease

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PostSubject: KingIsaac spreads a deadly disease   Fri May 13, 2011 9:17 am

KingIsaac's Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Health, and Department of Homeland Security issued joint public statement about the deadly disease in KingIsaac. According to the statement, the disease was the stronger version and the second wave of the "AH3N4 flu virus". There were 100 people diagnosed with this kind of disease, and the government of KingIsaac made sure the disease will not spread WITHIN KingIsaac. That is why they put the patients in 10 ships with everything they've touched while they were in KingIsaac. The plan of President Jeny was just to quarantine them in the middle of the sea, but because of the strong waves, 5 ships accidentally reached Gracealona and because the ships were commercial ships, they were accepted with open arms. Little did the people of Gracealona know that they were infected with AH3N4 virus.

Currently, KingIsaac's Government is assessing the damages incurred by the virus in Gracealona. As of now, 3 ships full of infected patients were also found in Rasvidi and 2 ships were found in LightScribe.
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PostSubject: Re: KingIsaac spreads a deadly disease   Fri May 13, 2011 9:20 am

[In honor of Grace]
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PostSubject: Re: KingIsaac spreads a deadly disease   Fri May 13, 2011 10:05 pm

[Those were some damn strong waves to push the ships so far. After skimming through the Department of Health thread, I think I'm ready to go on. Is this post god-modding? I'm handing Rasvidi a pretty big catastrophe, but honestly that's what would be needed to wipe it off the map so quickly.]

The EU governments were fully aware of the immense dangers posed by the misnamed Isaaka flu virus [which we decided to be a weird-ass bacterium]. All three governments sealed off foreign borders and instituted quarantines, all to no avail.

NX401; which had descended into a hellhole of factionalism: Nexian, Scribian, Oscal mercenaries, EU, and smaller groups; was wholly unable to prevent the disease's spread. The newly christened "Eastern Plague" swept across the former NX401. Casualties soared hopelessly. 10% of the population, 20%, 30%. There seemed to be no hope for NX401, which had become a toxic territory of anarchy.

Foreign governments attempted to quarantine the disease to the former NX401. The Edesu Navy sank any ship leaving historically Nexian waters. Serilaq raised its border security to levels rivaling the HESS. The Great Spacepope halted trade with NX401.

Even militant Rasvidi withdrew its troops to seal itself off. Still the disease spread, albeit slowly. Unfortunately an inopportune coup d'etat by the ultranationalist Pralnikov Party paralyzed the Rasvidian government. Although most Rasvidians disapproved of the coup, the military was split in its loyalty. A civil war ensued of unbelievable brutality. Both factions slaughtered their opposition in massacres of thousands, sometimes even millions. It was the bloodiest civil war the world had ever experienced.

To say the least, the Pralnikov War prevented Rasvidi from instituting effective precautions. The disease, just as in NX401, spread like wildfire. Foreign governments reacted with draconian barriers. The only silver lining was that Rasvidi was surrounded by nations to halt the Eastern Plague's spread: Serilaq, Abbaton, New Numair, Gracealona, and the Great Spacepope.

Gracealona was the least scathed. Its government prevailed, despite the catastrophic Eastern Plague. Although it had shut itself off to the world, perhaps it might rise again. So might Rasvidi or a faction in NX401, but they seemed most doomed.

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PostSubject: Re: KingIsaac spreads a deadly disease   Sat May 14, 2011 6:55 am

KingIsaac's Department of Foreign Affairs issued an apology for spreading the deadly virus across Tiberiam. Secretary Jessie of Foreign Affairs said that the things happened beyond their control.

Cardinal Sin, KingIsaac's Cardinal, declared that all churches should ring their bells in honor of those who died due to the deadly virus.
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PostSubject: Re: KingIsaac spreads a deadly disease   

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KingIsaac spreads a deadly disease
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