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 The Position of Secretary of Culture and RP.

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The Position of Secretary of Culture and RP. Empty
PostSubject: The Position of Secretary of Culture and RP.   The Position of Secretary of Culture and RP. EmptyMon Jun 20, 2011 2:00 am

Thought this was just a friendly notice... or could be start of dictatorship, who knows.

What Ras said before has gotten me to write this... it isn't as much of solidifying my act of tyranny as much as a legitimacy letter towards Tiberiam Roleplaying Community in general.

Even during the turmoil of political revision of Tiberiam as a region, I shall still keep all the powers of Secretary of Culture invested in me by the previous generation of leaders of Tiberiam and the previous Secretary of Culture.

This is due to the following reasons:

  • Secretary of Culture's unofficial avowal separates the positions from politics. While this was to ensure that the title of SoC does not run in par with having presidential office of Tiberiam, this also mandates that the position of SoC is, while still dedicated body of Tiberiam, not the same as political positions of Tiberiam. (my belief in this office is that it is similar to Federal Reserves System in US. SoC is part of government, but at the same time, it isn't party of the government.)
  • The office of SoC is self-legitimized position in the Tiberiam according to the current constitution. This means that the position of SoC, until revised in the reform or refounding of Tiberiam, is not yet legitimate position in accordance to Tiberiam constitution, and thus does not need to be halted during the absence of constitution.
  • The office of SoC is currently in the delicate phase of restructuring the laws and revising old laws. Should the position be stripped of its power, the legitimacy of the office's revision will be questionable and therefore cannot be enforced in the future.
  • The office of SoC is currently holding a board meeting of new Tiberiam Roleplaying community. In order to legitimize this board meeting, the office must stay intact to ensure full administration.
  • The office of SoC is still accepting various requests from the Roleplaying community, such as office of patents and innovations. Not to mention that these offices are ONLY legitimized by the office of SoC. Should the SoC position disappear, all the offices with the office of SoC will lose its legitimacy, and therefore will need to began anew after the renewal of Tiberiam Constitution.

All in all, the summary of this is that I have to much thing to do in revising RP community to worry about politics in Tiberiam. The SoC position will stay in its full working capacity to get the job done and on schedule on par with revision of the constitution. I, the Incorporated States of Oscalantine, will also take all responsibility that may arise from my disobedience of Tiberiam council.

Well... that is all. I seriously have a lot to do and I simply cannot lose this position now...

And hell with it, if the Tiberiam decides that you guys need elected SoC, I am all down for it. However, let me create a base in which SoC can work in before I leave the office. As Tiberiam is expecting changes... and I know that Roleplaying community and the office of SoC will become that much more important... I need to prepare the office for this change. I gotta ensure that the office will not be abused, and that the system will run itself even with the absence of SoC. I gotta establish all that... and for that, I still need to keep the office intact. Hopefully, you guys will think the same ^^.

Incorporated States of Oscalantine

CEO of Oscalantine: Executor Nathanial Nestor Kwon

Management Head of Technology - Head Tony Max Kiwiki
Management Head of Programming - Head Lesana Victoria Melcoba
Management Head of Maintenance - Head George Alexander Kim

Military Manager of Navy - Fleet Admiral Valarie Esinstall Kwon
Military Manager of Army - General Judiciary Jimmy Thomas Lee
Military Manager of Airspace - [vacant]
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The Position of Secretary of Culture and RP.
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