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 Roleplay Guide

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PostSubject: Roleplay Guide   Roleplay Guide EmptyTue Aug 17, 2010 3:06 am

Hey, I thought I would post this here since I forgot to make anything like this.

Most important rule is that you should at least have been placed on the Tiberiam map before you begin to roleplay your nation, to avoid confusion and difficulty in the future. For example, it's important to know who your neighbours are and what your location in the world is so that you can more realistically roleplay your nation. The map thread is currently located here.

It should also be noted that all your NSEconomy stats (which can be found at this site) should be divided by ten (such as population, budgets, GDP, etc.) except for GDP Per Capita (not to be confused with GDP), Income Tax Rate, Currency Exchange Rate and Unemployment Rate. Everything else needs to be divided by ten. This is to avoid having 10 nations with 5 billion people or something, to preserve realism. It also makes more established nations less ridiculously powerful, especially when compared to newer nations.

Other then that, just have fun and be respectful of others. Godmoding will not be tolerated! This means you do not control the actions of other people's nations or characters. This also means you do not ignore the posts of other nations simply because you do not like the actions being taken; unless it is blatantly godmoding, you should bring this before the judicial council to resolve if you think the post was unfair in some way.

If you are in a war, it is best you discuss the potential outcome of the war with your roleplay partner in PM or OOC before you get started so nobody gets upset or taken advantage of. Remember to take your military budget and population size into consideration; a larger military budget means a military will be better equipped, unless your military is too large. Militaries in reality are rarely more then 3% of a nation's population, so try not to have a military much larger then this (for large nations try not to go above 3%, but smallers nations can tolerate a larger deviation from this, say 10%, so that their militaries can stand a chance against significantly larger nations).

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Roleplay Guide
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