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 Gracealonian Expansion of 1910

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Gracealonian Expansion of 1910 Empty
PostSubject: Gracealonian Expansion of 1910   Gracealonian Expansion of 1910 EmptySat Aug 28, 2010 5:00 pm

(OOC: This is my thread to expand Gracealona south into plot 3.)

In the year 1910 Gracealona was looking to stregthen their economy. They looked at the lands south of Gracealona that were unclaimed and decided they could attract tourists if they claimed them. The mountains would be an attraction as well as the tropical shores. Companies would no doubt build resorts in both these areas, and exploratory mines discovered that there were gold and silver seems in the mountains in the lands. Both woulod help provide income for the Gracealonian economy, and Gracealona claimed an area south of the currnet border (Plot 3).

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Gracealonian Expansion of 1910
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