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Serilaq is a unitary state and not a monarchy.

Elections are direct without the use of an electoral college. Also non-existent in Serilaq – though not illegal – are political parties. Citizens have merely not found any use for them.

Serilaq doesn't have states, provinces, or anything of the sort; rather, it is divided into 32 voting districts, which adjust after a census every 5th year. From each of these is elected 1 member of the unicameral Parliament, or a Delegate.

All elected offices are limited to 3 3-year terms.

Presiding over Parliament is the Deputy Chancellor, who runs for office alongside – of course – the Chancellor. The Chancellor appoints – with 2/3 parliamentary approval – Ministers of State, Finance, Military Affairs, Foreign Intelligence, Education, and Medicine, as will as Ambassadors to all neighboring nations in the region.

Even in the High Court are judges (@ that level, called Justices, of which there are 7) elected by popular vote. Below the High Court are 3 regional Appeals Courts. Below them and at the lowest level are the primary courts.

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