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Serilese are named in the manner of Personal_name Family_name-City_of_birth.

Education starts at age 4 and goes for roughly 11-12 years. After students complete their studies, they are sent to do a pre-selected task. This can involve a hunt for some animal, such as a bear. On this hunt, the teenager is equipped with a bow, some arrows, and a means to bring the carcass back. Or, it can involve building a sturdy hut, for which they are sent with proper tools and a time lapse camera to record the building process. After completing this, the person is considered an adult and given all legal privileges and responsibilities that come with such status.

The language is made up entirely of 3-syllable words. The alphabet consists of all 26 letters of the English alphabet, plus umlauts ( ¨ ) over the vowels. Alphabetically, these are placed after the unaltered letter. An explanation soon follows. Another grammatical rule is that – as illustrated in the nation's name – words can end with a q, which is then pronounced like a “k” or a hard “c.”

a ä b c d e ë f g h i ï j k l m n o ö p q r s t u ü v w x y z

Nudity is accepted and commonplace. When people do get dressed, it is generally in the form of the following 2 articles:

  • a loose-fitting tunic that goes halfway down the thigh and whose sleeves cover the entire upper arm
  • underpants.

Shoes are closed-toed, backless slip-ons like in this picture.

I mentioned in the history section that inter-marriage between indigenous and non-indigenous citizens is common. Census data indicates that it is nearly even with one-race marriages, trailing 51.4 to 48.6 percent.

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