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PostSubject: Military   Military EmptyWed Sep 01, 2010 4:52 pm

The Military is one big unit, with each soldier wearing a patch at the top of his/her left sleeve representing whether they specialize in air, ground, or water. Those symbols are shown below the rank list.

Ranks are as
follows, from top to bottom (bold = officer, regular =

  1. General
  2. Lieutenant General
  3. Major General
  4. Brigadier General
  5. Colonel
  6. Major
  7. Captain
  8. 1st Lieutenant
  9. 2nd Lieutenant
  10. Warrant Officer
  11. Sergeant Major
  12. 1st Sergeant
  13. Master Sergeant
  14. Sergeant 1st Class
  15. Sergeant
  16. Corporal
  17. Specialist
  18. Private 1st Class
  19. Private

Military Airona10 Military Osheen10 Military Terrat10
Airona (air) Osheen (ocean) Terrata (land)

NOTE: Quite honestly, while I tried hard not to refer to real-life
countries, this is based on the US Army's system w/ some omissions.

Military Ubd2851
From the Ruffians of Serilaq, land of the mighty Osprey
Leader: Chancellor Romelan Shimenta-Zelutha
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